Thursday, May 5, 2011

Roach awareness

I think most people know the new hype is Inverz Roach.

Rank 4 Exceed monster
Level 4 monster x2
You can remove one exceed material from this card to negate and destroy the special summon of a Level 5 of above monster.


It is strong, but not that strong.

Please be reminded that it can only negate inherent special summons.

It will not negate Gorz/Tragoedia or horrible big monsters that your opponent special summons through the effect of cards such as Monster Reborn.

It is basically a Thunder King Raioh.

And also, it cannot negate Exceed Summons as they go by Rank and not Level.



- Synchro Summon
- Dark Armed Dragon/ Chaos Sorcerer
- Cyber Dragon
- Gyzarus/Heraklenos ("Contact Fusion")
- Machina Fortress
- Krystia/Hyperion
- etc.

- Exceed Summon
- Monsters that appear from Monster Reborn/Call of Haunted/other fancy revival card
- Fusion Summon that involves the Spell card
- Ritual Summons
- Valhalla and anything similar
- Gorz/Tragoedia
- etc.


  1. Curious, how can you tell between an inherent summon and a non-inherent summon?

  2. non inherent summon uses the chain. Card A summon Card B. Summon via effects of cards.

  3. If it's similar to Rai-oh, then shouldn't it be unable to negate the special summon of Chaos Sorcerer or Hyperion?

    Rulings from wikia:

    The effects of "Thunder King Rai-Oh", "Black Horn of Heaven", "Solemn Judgment", and similar cards cannot negate a Special Summon which occurs during the resolution of an effect which activates.

    Monsters in the hand or Graveyard are removed from play to activate the effects which Special Summon "Dark Simorgh". Thus, you cannot negate this with the effect of "Thunder King Rai-Oh".

  4. To remove for "Dark Simorgh" is part of the effect, to remove for "Sorcerer" is a cost, not a part of an effect. Therefore "Rai-Oh" CAN negate the first Summon of "Sorcerer".

  5. DD, could you guys take a look at Fabled again? Shooting bullshit dragons starting to make me cut myself.

  6. @Anonymous who likes to cut himself: Too bad for you, since Bahamut, the guy who does Fabled shinanigans, loves to use Shooting Quasar Dragon ALOT. Cut yourself moare plox.

  7. Dark Simorgh is an exception, any other similar wording works the same way as Chaos Sorcerer. They're all inherent

  8. so why not just play 3 rai oh?

  9. Because this doesn't take up a main deck space and can negate up to 2 times?

  10. +1 for baha,i guess the card is created to become an extra deck raioh

  11. well, Raioh has an other effect to, so no...