Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bahamut's Divine Performance Vol 2.

Welcome to another volume of Bahamut self touch deck session.

Last year around Feb 2010, we put up a video where Frog deck was still alive (with Substitoad) and summoned Trishula 5 times in a turn. At that time, the Mass Driver Frog was not popular yet (or discovered, watever)

For those who missed it.

This time, Dewloren is back at 3. People are wondering why it was restricted to 2. There was an infinite loop involving 3 Dewloren and 3 Symbol of Heritage (Symbol summon Dewloren, Dewloren bounce Symbol, Tribute Dewloren for Dark Strike/Mass Driver, repeat).

Today, we shall show you the abuse of Dewloren and Symbol once more with the help of Coelacanth and friends.

Watch the video first.

The deck has so many win conditions:
- Standard beatdown OTK
- Infinite Trishula
- Tempest Magician Burn
- Irritating the hell out of your opponent by doing Accel Synchro Trishula on your opponent's only card during his turn and repeating it every turn.

In the video, I used Star Blast to demonstrate the combo because it is the simplest way of getting everything done.

Please explore other ways because whenever I try the deck, we would discover some new weird way of doing the combo.

If you watch the video all the way to the end, you should be able to figure out about 90% of the deck.


  1. Yeap, saw this 2 days ago on shriek and I knew right away you were going to make it!

    Let's see now...


  2. Really cool STD xD

    Any decklist?

  3. Sounds and looks freaking broken!

    You have complete control of the graveyard and synchro pile!

    It's like an auto-lose for the opponent the moment Coelacanth hits the field and he has no counters for it!

  4. <3 <3 <3

    Will start exploring as soon as I'm done at Anaheim :)

  5. saw this on shriek too about a week back. Tried to figure it out but to no avail so I just stuck with my old fish deck. Now that i've seen this im definitely gonna try it out. Thanks a bunch guys

  6. Wait, did he synch Fishborg and Coelacanth to make Formula? >_>

  7. That's a very good idea!

    But I've a question: if you special summon Coelacanth with D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation who is now lvl 7, what monstres are U going to choice for Coelacanth's effect? Because I've test it and I can't do this looping with this, or its very difficult :/

  8. Here's hoping this gets popular. Not a fan of Coelacanth.

  9. Seriously though, decklist? Pretty please?

  10. @anonymous, u can star blast monsters on the field too, doesn't need to be in hand

  11. @Clover, oh yes i forgot that! ;) but if you haven't Star Blast how can you do the loop?

  12. could you post the extra deck, its very dificult to figure how you are able to fix everything in it for all the combos.

    thanks rodrigo togores

  13. Armory Arm
    Librarian x2
    Power tool
    Dewloren x3
    Formula x3
    Tempest Magician

  14. The combo without Star Blast:

  15. can you post the decklist? and maybe the steps? thanks before :)

  16. ahm the thing is in ocg armory arm colosal combo is no legal so you dont have to use 2nd armory arm and colosal, and you dont need red dragon and red nova^^

  17. Decided to netdeck this to BYOND, the problem is, it's REALLY hard to get the actual loop going without Coelacanth + Star Blast. Your basically dead if you don't draw them turn 1.

  18. baha can you post the decklist. Tnx

  19. post decklist please

  20. thanks a lot for the video without star blast, it's awesome!

  21. can u post a deck that uses ultimate temporal machine god sephiron

  22. Post decklist please

  23. deck list please

  24. Monsters: 17
    3x Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
    3x Level Eater
    3x Fishborg Blaster
    3x Swap Frog
    2x Oyster Meister
    1x Metabo Shark
    1x Ronintoadin
    1x Treeborn Frog

    Spells: 20
    3x Gold Sarcophagus
    3x D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation
    3x Symbol of Heritage
    3x Upstart Goblin
    2x Mystical Space Typhoon
    2x Star Blast
    2x Moray of Greed
    1x Giant Trunade
    1x Monster Reborn

    Traps: 3
    2x Trap Stun
    1x Solemn Judgment

  25. Hi Bahamut, would you mind making a Vayu Turbo Deck Video? Cause i m a new player when it comes to Yugioh and i heard its very pro?