Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Ranting

So its over 1 week later, and still no sign of the latest SD in Singapore, though Japan has obviously released it, official date as of 19 March. Guess it cant be helped because of the earthquake. Wonder if it will affect the release of Generation Force due in 16 April as well...

PS: Noticed last time when Rauzes closed his old blog, so many bloggers sent their regards on their blogs, but only a couple of them now are mentioning about the Japan Earthquake. Therefore Rauzes > Earthquake? Hmmmm~


  1. rauzes is not totally dead anyway.

    Ppl have no heart LOLLLL.

  2. Omg you were living in a cave... he was the one that signed the debris dragon and junk synchron and made it worthless LOL... JKJKJKJK.