Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Asia Championship: Round 3

Milton (BF) VS Kevin (BF)

Milton roll a 2
Kevin rolled 4
Kevin goes first

Game 1

Kevin activated Allure of Darkness, drew 2 cards and removed Kalut. Pot of duality is then activated, revealing Book of Moon, Shura and Bora. He selected Book of Moon.
Kevin summoned Shura, set 3 card to his back row and ended his turn

Milton summons his own copy of Shura, and declared attack on  the Shura, but Kevin responded with a Mirror Force! Milton activated his Pot of Duality, revealing a Black Whirlwind, Solemn Warning and Blizzard of the North Pole. A tough decision to make, but Milton chose blizzard, set 2 back row cards to complete his turn.

Kevin drew, direct attacked with Shura and in his Main Phase 2, activated another copy of Pot of Duality to reveal Kalut, Blizzard and his third copy of Pot of Duality. Kalut is added to his hand and is now back to Milton.

The LP is now 8000 to 6200 in Kevin’s favor.

Milton activates another Pot of Duality as well, revealing a Mirror Force, Kalut and Royal Oppression. He took the Mirror Force, set a monster and a back row.

Kevin declared attack with Shura to the face down monster, but Milton activated Book of Moon to stop the attack. Kevin sadly set a monster and ended.

Milton summons Blizzard targeting Shura, Shura is special summoned but turned Blizzard face down with Book of Moon. At the end phase, Kevin activates a Mystical Space Typhoon on one of Milton’s set card, but Milton negated it with a Solemn Judgement!

Kevin flipped the Shura face-up, special summoned Gale and synchro summoned Black Rose Dragon. The summon was successful and Black Rose destroyed everything on the field. Kevin followed up by normal summoning Blizzard, getting back Shura and synchro summoned Arms Wing. Arms Wing attacked and Kalut was used to pump the attack ending the game.

Game 2

Milton goes first and activated Pot of Duality and revealed Monster Reborn, Solemn  Warning and Dark Armed Dragon, another tough choice to make, but eventually added Dark Armed to hand. Set 2 back row, normal summoned Bora and ended.

Kevin drew, activated Mystical Space Typhoon on one of the face down which was Book of Moon. Kevin activated Black Whirlwind, normal summon Shura and with Black Whirlwind’s effect, added Kalut to his hand. Shura attacks Bora and Milton had no response to this attack and Bora was destroyed successfully. Vayu is special summoned from Shura effect and direct attacked for 800 damage. A set card for the back row and Kevin ended with a strong lead.

Milton, activated his set card which turned out to be Pot of Duality to reveal Kalut, Mystical Space Typhoon, Seven Tools of the Bandit, and added Mystical Space Typhoon to hand. Mystical Space Typhoon was immediately activated to destroy the face down card and it was Solemn Warning. Milton summon Shura, set a back row card and ended his turn.

Kevin drew Mystical Space Typhoon and activate it right away destroying Book of Moon. Kevin thinks for a while, summon another Shura, fetched a Bora with Black Whirlwind, special summons it. Shura leads the attack, Kalut was discarded to boost Shura attack and it destroyed Milton’s Shura. Gale is special summoned and attacked together with Bora. Milton is now left with 100 LP! Kevin Synchro summoned Trishula from Bora, Shura and Vayu. Kevin did another Synchro summoned Armor Master from Gale and the Other Shura.

Milton drew, shook his head, activated Dark Hole and ended his turn.

Kelvin had another Blizzard, summoned it and direct attacked for game.


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