Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Asia Championship: Round 4

Round 4

Ng Nian Jie (Six Samurai) Vs Yong Qian Rui (BF)

Both player did a quick table shuffle before rolling the dice.

QR Roll 1
NJ Roll  2

Game 1

Nian Jie is going first with Six Samurais. He start with Smoke Signal fetching mizuho from his deck. Activated Six Samurai United, normal summoned Kageki and special summoned kagemusha from his hand in defense mode. He sent United to draw 2 cards. Shien is synchro summoned and Reinforcement of the army is used to get Kizan.. Nian Jie special summoned 2 Kizans and set a back row to end his turn.

Qian Rui summoned Shura and declared attack on Kizan, Kalut is discarded during the damage step to boost its attack and Kizan is destroyed. Shura effect is activated and Gale is special summoned from the deck. During the main phase 2, Black rose is special summoned and its effect is activated wiping everything off the field. Qian Rui set 3 cards and ended.

Nian jie drew and ended.

Qian Rui activated Pot of Duality and revealed MST, Vayu and Black Whirlwind. Black Whirlwind is added to his hand and played it. Kalut is nmormal summoned and Qian Rui searched for Blizzard to add into the hand. Kalut declared a direct attack.

Nian Jie activated Gateway of the Six, followed by summoning Kageki again. Solemn warning is used to negate the summon and Nian Jie took a moment to consider any further moves. Nianj Jie checks his opponent grave before deciding to activate Monster Reborn but Qian Rui had another Solemn Warning to negate that! Nian Jie ended his turn without doing anything else.

Qian Rui drew to 2 cards in his hand, summoned Dark Armed Dragon and normal summoned Blizzard to get back Shura. Trishula is synchro summoned and together with Dark Armed, made a direct attack to end the game.

Game 2

Both played side deck quickly. Qian Rui is siding in 8 cards vs Nian Jie 4 cards.

Nian Jie will start again. He start by setting 3 back row and a monster.

Qian Rui drew and announced he was emo with what he have in his hand. Qian Rui set a card in each zone and ended.

Nian Jie activated MST at the end phase and destroyed the newly set Seven Tools of Bandit.

Nian Jie flip summoned Kageki, normal summoned Mizusho, special summoned Kizan and Grandmaster. Mizuho release Kageki to destroy Qian Rui face down monster which turned out to be Kinetic Soldier. Mizuho, Kizan and Grandmaster attacked directly.

The turn is now back to Qian Rui and he summoned another Kinetic Soldier to destroy Mizuho.

It is Nian Jie’s turn again and he activated Double Edge Sword Technique to special summon Mizuho and Kageki again! Mizuho release Kageki again to destroy Kinetic and everyone direct attacked for game.

Game 3

Qian Rui will start first.

Qian Rui drew his 6 and set a monster and 5 back row.

Nian Jie start his turn with Smoke Signal and it was countered with a Magic Drain! NJ does not wish to discard, set a monster and ended. Not a very great start for Six Samurais.

Qian Rui flipped his Kinetic Soldier and it destroyed the face down monster which was Kagemusha..

Nian Jie’s turn again and he activated two copies of Six Samurai United. Qian Rui responded with a MST on one. Kagemusha is normal summoned and Qian Rui activated another MST on the other United. Grandmaster os the Six Samurai is special summoned and Qian Rui responded by activating Gozen Match.

Psychic Lifetrancer is synchro summoned and it was negated by Royal Oppression! Nian Jie had nothing else to do but set a back row card and ended his turn.

Kinetic Soldier made a direct attack for Qian Rui and he ended.

Nian Jie drew and set a monster.

Qian Rui declared attack on the face down but he used Book of Moon on the Kinetic Soldier to protect the face down monster.

Mizuho is normal summoned and it was negated by Solemn Judgment before getting the chance to activate her effect by releasing a face down Six Samurai.

Qian Rui flip back his Kinetic and destroyed the face down monster which was another Kagemusha.

Nian Jie drew and set a monster.

Qian Rui attack with Kinetic Soldier but it was Snowman Eater! Kinetic Soldier is destroyed and Qian Rui ended his turn.

Nian Jie drew and end.

Qian Rui set a monster and ended.

Nian Jie set a back row and Qian Rui destroyed it with Dust Tornado at the end phase.

Qian Rui set a card and end

Nian Jie normal summoned True Six Samurai Shinai and Qian Rui activated Torrential Tribute destroy the Shinai and his Vayu.

Qian rui finally drew and activated Pot of Duality to reveal 2 Shura and  Icarus attack. Shura is added and normal summoned to make a direct attack.

Nian Jie set a monster again and ended.

Qian Rui normal summon Zephyros the Elite and it attacked into a Kageki!

Nian Jie drew and ended with just kageki defending not wanting to be hit by Icarus attack.

Qian Rui set a monster, turn Zephyros into defend mode and ended.

Nian Jie activated Smoke Signal  to search for Kageki but ended without doing anymore moves.

Qian Rui drew and ended while waiting for an answer to destroy Kageki. He has Gozen Match, Royal Oppresion and 3 set back row against Nian Jie’s lone Kageki.

Nian Jie drew and ended once more.

Qian Rui finally made a move and summoned Blizzard without activating its effect. Blizzard is tuned with Zephyros to summon Arms Wing and Nian Jie negated it with Qian Rui’s Royal Oppression.

Zephyros effect bounced Oppresion and 400 dmg is dealt to Qian Rui. Vayu effect is activated to remove Arms Wing to form Armor Master. Armor Master attacks over KAgeki, Zephyros and Shura made a direct attack to end the game.


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