Monday, February 7, 2011

Machina Karakuri Plant

I'm sure most of you are familiar with DSummon's build of Machina Karakuri found here.

With Bahamut, you have to add a little Lonefire into the mix to make things exciting. Started playing it since last week and I love it now.

Yes I'm sorry I'm a Draw Whore. I cannot play Yu Gi Oh the same way anymore ever since there is Hyper Librarian and Formula Synchron.

With that said, the deck has little focus on summoning Librarian or Formula Synchron.

Here is a little combo that actually happened today with the guidance of DSummon during playtesting.

1) Machina Gearframe Search for Fortress
2) Special Summon Fortress
3) Use One for One to get Growup Bulb
4) Bulb tune with Fortress into Karakuri Steel Shogun Bureido and Special summon Karakuri Strategist and turn itself.
5) Draw 1 from Bureido effect.
6) Machina Gearframe + Strategist into Karakuri Shogun Burei and Special summon LV 4 Karakuri
7) Growup Bulb comes back by its own effect and tune with Burei into Bureido and Special summon another Strategist
8) Draw 1 from Bureido Effect
9) Strategist tune with whatever LV4 Karakuri You called earlier into another Burei and special another Karakuri (Preferably Ninja)

Result: 2 Bureido + Burei + a Karakuri monster and a 2 draw in between.

Even though it looks like you need 4 cards to start this combo, you only need Gearframe and One for One. The other 2 can be any monster and this deck is filled with tons of Karakuri which are machines to fulfil the condition of Fortress and One for One.

DS additional comments:

Even though this deck does not focus on spamming Hyper Librarian, it does a fair bit of drawing through Bureido. What it doesnt draw, it makes up for it with field presence. Not to mention the 2 Burei on the field (1 summoned previously before it is upgraded to Bureido)will allow you to get your opponent monsters to attack mode, making for a very heavy OTK blow. (2800 + 2800 + 2600 + 1700 = 9900)

On an additional note, the combo needs Gearframe, One for One and 2 random monsters from the deck. However, if you have a Machina Fortress / Cannon already in hand, the combo becomes a 3 card combo. Shouldnt be that hard to figure out why yes?

Further more this deck will be pretty much unaffected by the next banlist by Duelingdays predictions (Yes I do predict though I usually dont put them on the blog), so yes, do try it out!


  1. Hey guys is there a deck list for this? Been messing with a build myself as here in TCG land we've just had our STOR sneak peeks.

    Can you suggest any TCG changes if you do post your OCG list?

  2. Actually, it is a totally TCG friendly deck. Just add your usual Machiner and Karakuri suspects, the plant stuff listed in the post, magic and traps are pretty standard stuff actually.

    We dont really want to post the decklist, since its almost time for the new banlist anyway. Will probably have a version for it by the next banlist.

  3. Amazing post from Baha+DS :) I'll keep watching for more updates from both of you

  4. actually i play this deck and is a consistent OTK thanks Baha and DS

  5. Since Konami surely already made the decision about the banned list, feel free to post your current build! :) Until then, here's my (TCG)Version of the Karakuri-Deck:
    Monster [20]
    [2] Cyber Dragon
    [3] Machina Gearframe
    [3] Machina Fortress
    [1] Saisan
    [3] Nishipachi
    [3] Nisamu
    [1] Card Trooper
    [2] Lonefire Blossom
    [1] Glow-Up Bulp
    [1] Spore

    Magic [16]
    [1] Monster Reborn
    [1] Black Hole
    [2] MST
    [1] Mind Control
    [1] Limiter Removal
    [3] Book of Moon
    [1] One for One
    [2] De-Synchro
    [2] Instant Fusion
    [1] Giant Trunade
    [1] Foolish
    [1] Pot of Avarice

    Trap [3]
    [1] Call of the Haunted
    [1] Solemn Judgment
    [1] Seven Tools

    [3] Bureido
    [3] Burei
    [2] Cyber Saurus
    [2] Formula
    [1] Catastor
    [1] Brionac
    [1] Goyo
    [1] Black Rose Dragon
    [1] Stardust Dragon

    I'm totally not convinced about my Trap-Lineup, but Instant Fusion is awesome!

  6. call doesnt needs, u should add 2 solemn warning, and 2 lv8 machina idk its name for the place of instant fusions and De-synchros.

  7. -2 instant fusion
    -1 avarice
    -1 card trooper

    +2 solemn warning
    +2 karakuri watchdog