Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tournament Report 18/11/10

Woot, PH and finally cleared most of my work = back to tournaments! Will also get some videos up hopefully by next week once I clear abit of events and stuff. Meanwhile, report and decklist below~

Tournament Joined: Khatib
Deck Used: Machina Karakuri

Swiss Round 1: Bahamut84 (Dandy Trishula Beat) OXO
Match 1 - Managed to flood field with Bureido, Stardust and 2 Fortress but Scapegoat blocked and next turn Black Hole cleared board. However still had resources left in hand so slowly gained back advantage and win
Match 2 - Had Bureido and Scrap Dragon on field, but Chaos Sorcerer and Trishula clears that and lost few turns later
Match 3 - We stalled very long cause I had no tuner and he also had not much monsters while I kept drawing side deck cards. Finally drew Staff Officer, and got to a field of Bureido, Burei, Stardust and Fortress. Did not deal enough lp damage to win that turn but 2 Crows in hand and 2 Chain Disappearance covered gives me control and he concede next turn.

Swiss Round 2: Sam (Six Samurai) XOO
Match 1 - On his first turn, he had 1 Gateway and United, some summoning, drawed 2, 1 extra Gateway and full flood before I even start my turn and lost.
Match 2 - Drew 2 cyclone and 1 Dust to just keep clearing his backrow. Then Burei gives me monster presence and won
Match 3 - He had field advantage but he couldnt clear my defense mode Kinetic Soldier. Then I cycloned his Magatama before his Shien appeared. After that his Mizuho eats my Divine Wrath when trying to destroy Kinetic Soldier. Following that Fortress suicides into Shien together and destroys another United. Few turns later his Mizuho hits my Soldier which summons Ninja. I flip up my Doorstop and Ninja attacks Mizuho. He activates D Prison and I chain Urgent Tuning into Stardust and continue attack. He concedes following turn.

Top 9: Jerric (Six Samurai) XOO
Match 1 - Again first turn Gateway and United = go home sleep better
Match 2 - His field is Mizuho and Great Shogun. On my turn managed to swarm with double Bureido and 1 Burei to win
Match 2 - First turn direct attack with Gearframe. Turn 2 Burei, Fortress and Ninja rush for awesome win.

Top 5: Vishal (BF) XOO
Match 1 - Bad hand with no tuners and lost
Match 2 - Rushed him with Burei, 2 Fortress and Stardust on field with him left at 400. He managed to kill Stardust and Black Rose clears my board and he reborn my Burei. However I top cydra and win with Chimeratech Fortress
Match 3 - Maintained lead by using Staff Officer to turn his monster mode and prevent him from using Kualats. Finally when he only had 1 Kualat on field, I hit Soldier into Kualat which he pumpted to 2800, then I sp Staff Officer again to turn it to defense and more monster rush for win

Top 3: Kenneth (Six Samurai) OXX
Match 1 - So many six samurai!!! He Cyclone on his first turn and I Mind Crush correctly for Gateway. Following that managed to win by controlling with advantage
Match 2 - He started with 2 Gateway and 1 United in first hand. Boring...
Match 3 - Drew bad hand with 0 tuner and multiple Urgent Tuning, more boringness...

In the end got 2nd/3rd (Shared with Jess) and got some STOR foils + Tuning so its good. Quite confident in the deck from today's results since it actually played quite stable, though I should be doing more tuning to the deck. Meanwhile here is the build which I used today~

Deck Name: Machina Karakuri
Monster [20]
[2] Cyber Dragon
[3] Machina Gearframe
[3] Machina Fortress
[3] Kuikku, Karakuri Ninja
[2] Saisan, Karakuri Doorkeeper
[2] Nishipachi, Karakuri Staff Officer
[2] Nisamu, Karakuri Soldier
[2] Ally Genex Birdman
[1] Card Gunner

Magic [11]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Black Hole
[2] Cyclone
[1] Mind Control-
[1] Limit Break
[1] Enemy Controller
[3] Book of Moon
[1] Pot of Duality

Trap [9]
[1] Call of Haunted
[1] Trap Dust Shoot
[3] Urgent Tuning
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[2] Dust Tornado

General combo is basically Ninja hitting something to revive it, then Urgent Tuning to summon Burei/Bureido and more Ninja to do more awesome combos. (You can go to the post below to see further explaination) Of course the usual suspect Gearframe works well with the deck, and Fortress serves as the good special summon it is as well as for discarding Karakuri that Ninja can revive back, speeding up the deck. Hope everyone enjoys it!


  1. Sounds like one exciting deck to play against!

    The TCG doesn't have all of the Karakuri cards yet, so I haven't seen something like your deck yet.

    Good report as well.

  2. Hey what do u think of siding chain destruction for six samurai's kizans?

  3. What did you side against? xD

  4. Side against six sam for me was 1 more Dust Tornado, Wasteland Tornado, 2 Kinetic Soldier, Mind crush and Divine Wrath. Abit mixed cause siding against other decks too.

    And I did side in Chain Disappearance against 1 of the six sam who seemed to focus more on summoning Shien. The rest I didnt cause it was more fighting based.

  5. Your creativeness amazes me!XD

    Can we expect any video with this certain deck?

  6. @meow It's very rush based, so not much mid to late game stuff

    @MaX Hope to. Should have time to do some videos next week and maybe up by weekend?

  7. Nice Build u got there!

  8. Can you propose something else instead for birdman for TCG ?

  9. cyclone? which card is this?