Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Extreme Victory

Ultra/Ultimate Rare (5)

EXVC-JP037 Junk Berserker
EXVC-JP038 Life Stream Dragon
EXVC-JP042 Tech Genus Blade Gunner
EXVC-JP043 Tech Genus Halberd Cannon
EXVC-JP044 Mental Over Daemon

Super Rare (9)

EXVC-JP005 Mystic Piper
EXVC-JP008 BF - Hiren of the Sudden Gust
EXVC-JP015 Mechanized God Dragon Asterisk
EXVC-JP016 Tech Genus Cyber Magician
EXVC-JP025 Psycho Wizard of Silence
EXVC-JP039 Tech Genus Recipro Dragonfly
EXVC-JP040 Tech Genus Wonder Magician
EXVC-JP041 Tech Genus Power Gladiator
EXVC-JP076 Super Nuki

Rare (18)

EXVC-JP001 Junk Servant
EXVC-JP003 Salvage Warrior
EXVC-JP004 Necro Defender
EXVC-JP009 BF - Kogarashi of the Wandering
EXVC-JP014 Mechanized Soldier Grannel Ein
EXVC-JP017 Tech Genus Striker
EXVC-JP021 Tech Genus Rush Rhino
EXVC-JP022 Buster Shotman
EXVC-JP027 Taciturn Psycho Priest
EXVC-JP033 Sashi Toad
EXVC-JP047 Call Resonator
EXVC-JP056 Psycho Fill Zone
EXVC-JP059 Ritual Water Mirror’s Message
EXVC-JP060 Silent Wall
EXVC-JP065 Chaos Infinity
EXVC-JP072 Brain Hazard
EXVC-JP078 Safe Zone

Normal Rare (4)

EXVC-JP035 Jar Turtle
EXVC-JP036 Aurora Angiras
EXVC-JP062 Mummification
EXVC-JP079 Regional Large Hurricane


Translation File:

Original File taken from Shriek, edited by DSummon.


  1. Only interested in the Karakuri stuff from that pack. Karakuri Small Town 224 seems a broken Machine Dup. Target.

    Karakuri Ninja 7749 isn't too great, guess the drawing may net you +1 or +2 at times... Was hoping for a 9* Karakuri Synchro tho.

    Loaned Karakuri Storage seems okay too. Haipa and Barrel are needed in OCG me thinks now.

  2. correct card name:
    Sutsuba Meki -> Suppa Nuki
    Zatsu Toad -> Sashi Toad(Sashikaeru :replacement)
    Instant God Curse -> Soku Shin Butsu(:mummyfy,embalming)
    Karakuri Small Town 224 -> Karakuri Komachi mdl.224 (komachi:cute girl)
    Crimson Hell Skewer -> Crimson Hell Secure
    Psycho Field Zone -> Psycho Feel Zone
    Emergency Drop -> Change Suddenly
    W Star Cloud Meteor -> W nebula meteor

    correct text:
    Mental Seeker :
    pick up the top 3 cards of your Deck. ->your opponent's Deck

  3. EXVC-JP033
    Zatsu Toad
    Water/Water – Effect/1/100/2000
    Release 1 water type monster on your field and select 1 [Frog] monster in your grave to activate. Special summon the selected monster from the grave. This effect can only be used once per turn.

    What do you guys think?

  4. interest on Six Samurai support cards

    i hope they're all common in TCG :3

  5. Thanks for the various name suggestions, they were never my strong points in translations LOL

  6. No Tech Genus Gear Zombie :( guess it was too broken.