Saturday, February 12, 2011

Card Rulings for EXCV

Alright guys, here are the various card rulings from EXCV, you can go read them up yourself from here for those who can read Japanese. Have basically listed out most of the rulings which are important here, for card effects go to check them out yourself.

Salvage Warrior
- Its effect does not target, even if targetting a tuner in the grave

Necro Defender
- You can target a face down monster, and even if it turns face up, the effect will maintain

Clock Resonator
- It has to be already face up to use its invulnerability effect. If it is set face down and a monster with an attack larger then its defense attacks, Clock Resonator will be destroyed and cannot activate its self protection effect

BF - Hiren the Sudden Gust
- You can activate its effect and chain it with Gorz/Tragodia to summon them all out

BF - Kogarashi the Wonderer
- Its effect cannot activate in damage step

TG - Cyber Magician
- Its synchro with hand monsters ability cannot be negated with Skill Drain
- You can use multiple TG monsters from your hand
- You can use TG monsters from hand & field for the synchro summon (E.g. Cyber Magician (on field) + Catapult Dragon (on field) + Catapult Dragon (in hand) for TG - Hyper Librarian)

TG - Werewolf
- Its effect cannot activate in damage step but can be used in opponent's turn
- You can only summon one even if you have multiple copies in hand

PSI Girl
- Both players cannot check the card that was removed face down (Including owner)

Silent Psycho Wizard
- Removal is effect, not cost
- The speical summon effect can be used in damage step and uses the Chain Block
- Even if this card is turned face down by cards like Book of Moon/removed from field by cards like Interdimension Teleportation Device, the special summon effect will still take place
- The special summon effect will not be negated by cards like Forbidden Chalice
- You can negate the special summoning effect will Divine Warning
- When Wizard is summoned and removes a monster, and you chain to destroy it with Torrential Tribute, the removed monster can still be special summoned

Still Psycho Witch
- Effect can activate in damage step
- This card has to stay in grave for the effect to take place
- This effect can activate even if it was destroyed face down

Taciturn Psycho Priest
- See Silent Psycho Wizard rulings, except the addition that the hand discard is a cost

Karakuri Komachi 224
- The special summoning effect is continuous, not activated
- You can only have 1 extra summon, regardless of having 3 komachi on the field / the komachi leaves field and returns back (Similar to Swap Frog)
- You can use Double Summon and get 1 extra summon after you have used Komachi's effect

Scrap Kong
- When it self destructs you can special summon Machine Emperors (LOL)

GB - Tigeru
- You cannot use it for fusion material, regardless of it being face down / special summoned by GB - Darius

Junk Berserker
- When attacking face down monsters will destroy them without flipping them up

TG - Recipro Dragonfly
- If the selected synchro monster is turned face down, the monster is still sent to grave and you may special summon the materials
- The materials has to stay in grave. If they are revived / leave grave and returns, they are no longer considered as synchro materials for the monster
- The materials are revived as a set. If one cannot be revived, you cannot revive all of them

TG - Blade Gunner
- Even if it has left the field and returned by its own effect, you can still use Dragonfly on it to special summon the materials for Blade Gunner

TG - Halberd Cannon
- If it enters grave during damage step, it may not revive another TG monster (Fail boss monster) <- Wiki got updated, apparently its revival effect can activate in damage step now

Mental Over Demon
- Again see Silent Psycho Wizard

Crimson Hell Secure
- You may use this card even if Red Demon Dragon is in the magic trap zone (Grannel LOL)

Crimson Demon Dragon Pot
- You may not use this card the turn you summon Red Demon Dragon (As you summoned this turn)
- Again, you may use this card if RDD is in the magic trap zone
- RDD only needs to be there when you activate the card, even if not there on resolution, both effects still go through (Drawing and not summoning for 2 turns)

- The TG monster has to stay on the field for the cyclone effect to take place
- You can use it on a 0 attack/defense TG monster
- You can use this during the damage step

Chaos Infinity
- There must be defense mode monsters on the field to use this card
- If there are no defense mode monsters on the field on resolution, you cannot special summon
- Chaos Infinity does not target a kikou, even if you only have kikou in the grave
- Skiel Ein still has its recruiter effect even if summoned by Chaos Infinity

Machine Imperial Workshop
- You must have a Kikou monster in grave to activate
- If you attack your opponent's Kikou monster, you can activate this card

- When any of the selected TG is not in grave during resolution, the effect will not go through

- Even if the selected TG monster is turned face down by book of moon, the swap still takes place. However, it cannot leave the field.

Tyrant's Violence
- The sending of magic card to grave is a cost
- If macro-cosmos is on the field, your opponent may not activate magic cards as he cannot pay the cost

Super Nuki
- You cannot use this card while Iron Wall is on the field
- When Necro Valley is on the field, and you use effects of cards like Critter/Honest, as these cards are in the grave when their effects activate (Be it effect activated in hand/grave), you cannot use Super Nuki on those cards

Safe Zone
- If you selected an opponent's monster, the opponent's effect still cannot destroy it as you are the controller of Safe Zone
- If you selected an opponent's monster, that monster may not direct attack

W Star Cloud Meteor
- You cannot activate this card if there are no face down monsters on the field. However, you can still activate this card even if Light of Intervention is on the field
- You can activate this card even if Vanity Fiend is on the field
- You can activate this card even if you have no level 7 and above light reptile monster in your deck
- If there are no light reptiles on your field during the end phase, you cannot summon from your deck
- If Light of Intervention is on the field and you cannot turn light reptiles on the field face down, you cannot summon from your deck
- This card cannot be negated by Oppression

And thats the end of a super long post, hope this is useful for everyone~ Spent over an hour doing this post...


  1. TGX3-DX2

  2. Please be more accurate in ur translations and adaptions ....................

  3. TGX3-DX2

    Q: During Resolution, if none of the selected targets exist in the graveyard, the effect to return the cards to deck and draw will not be applied?

    A: Yes, it will not be applied.

  4. twas greatly appreciated.

    thanks alot.

  5. Wait what do you mean by the monster cannot leave the field when it is turned face-down by Book of Moon when you use the TG Creature Swap?

  6. @Anonymous Cant do much that I seemed inaccurate. Have proof that some rulings I put up were actually edited on the wiki site after I made this post. Will see if I have time to recheck the thing, but it's honestly hard work

    What I meant is that the monster has to stay on the field. If the monster leaves field, em1's effect will fizzle. However if it is turned facedown, em1's effect will still go through.

  7. Erm, when the first TG Werewolf is special summoned, doesn't it fulfill the condition for the second TG Werewolf to be special summoned? Or do you mean we can only special summon one Werewolf at a time?

  8. I think it meant that you cannot summon multiple werewolfs to that one "summon".

    But you can summon werewolf to the summon of another werewolf.