Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Deck] Psychic Beat

I have no more fancy name to put.

The long awaited Psychic deck.

Monster = 18

[1] Mind Master
[1] Doctor Cranium
[3] Psycho Witch of Stillness
[3] Taciturn Psycho Priest
[3] Psy Girl
[3] Psycho Commander
[3] Reinforced Human Psychic Borg
[1] Psychic Snail

Spell = 18

[1] Emergency Teleport
[1] One for One
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Monster Reborn
[3] Telekinetic Power Well
[3] Miracle Synchro Fusion
[2] Psycho Fill Zone
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] Dark Hole
[2] Brain Research Lab
[2] Pot of Avarice

Trap = 4

[1] Solemn Judgment
[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Call of the Haunted

Extra = 15

[3] Magical Android
[3] Psychic Lifetrancer
[1] Mental Over Demon
[2] Ultimate Axon Kicker
[x] Other Synchro Staples


Instead of the full strength Mind Master + Lab combo, I made the deck such that it can run even without the lab. Most important card in the deck is still Mind Master so getting it out ASAP is priority.

Main combo:
1) Mind Master release a Psychic and get Psycho Priest, Psy Girl first if you don't have it in your grave.
2) Psycho Priest remove Psy Girl for effect.
3) Mind Master release Psycho Priest to get another Psycho Priest
4) Psy Girl returns from Priest effect
5) Now you have Mind Master + Psycho Priest + Psy Girl and a RFG face down card from Psy Girl effect.

From here, you can branch out into other combos.
a) Use Psycho priest effect to remove another priest, Sync into Magical Android. You get back a Priest and a "Draw" from Psy Girl effect. Repeat removing Psy Girl again if you need more Draw.
b) Get Reinforced Human Borg and Psychic Snail and just go for big damage. Psychic Snail effect is not limited to Once per Turn.
c) If you run out of LP, turn into Lifetrancer to gain back some
d) Psychic Fill Zone into Mental Over Demon, remove a big Psychic and then release it for Mind Master to get even more monsters on the field.

and more.

Demonstration video


  1. u got the wrong video on :D

  2. Thanks for the decklist it looks sweet! Any major differences between this one and the one in the video d3stin3d is running?

  3. How about overdrive teleporter?

    Thanks for the list btw

  4. whats psycho fill zone?


  6. When "Psycho Witch of Stillness" is destroyed by "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter", its effect cannot be activated. It's missing time.

  7. How about more videos

  8. What happens if for some reason you are unable to bring out mind master? Can the deck still run smoothly?

  9. what's the use of Miracle Synchro Fusion?

  10. it would be really funny if you do the combo wit the lab and then you opp. used MST. lol game.

  11. want to ask if u special summon the mind master from remove from play but the special summon is negate by solemn warning, mind master will send to graveyard or still remain on remove from play?

  12. Guy above me, it will go to grave.

  13. Psychic Witch's effect is optional. It has a "can", sadly.

    Therefore, since when Ryko blew her up with his effect, it resolved like this.

    1. Blown up.
    2. Psychic Witch asks nicely if she can activate her effect.
    3. Ryko's mandatory mill goes off.

    Therefore, since her destruction was not the last thing to happen, she will not get her effect. That, and that she needs to remain in the graveyard until your next standby phase to get the summon, are the two things you need to remember when playing "Psychic Witch of Stillness."

    Very interesting deck. In the TCG, cycling through 3 Psi-Blocker and calling popular cards will be one of the most common plays.

  14. Doesn't she die AFTER Ryko completes its effect??

  15. How consistent is this deck?? I acn see many combos but i doubt the consistency.

  16. How can I play with this deck After the september´s ban list.... without mind Master

  17. OK so basicly how i changed the deck affter the sep bandlist was i took out the mined master and added a blocker. Also added a 1 of every gadget adding thous made it more consisten. also i ran ultimat offering.

  18. This deck has a lot of petential with the next list. you can drop trunade for storm run 2 of every gadget, run 3 ultemet offering and add in a beast and barkion.