Monday, February 21, 2011

[New Ruling] Priority to activate monster effects gone

Yup, you read the title correctly. Theres a new rule in town from Konami itself with regards to player priority. For Japanese readers, read it up here. Thanks to the tipoff from the tagboard guys~

Basic translation of the page:
To keep duels exciting, as well as to keep the balance of the game, this rule has been changed.

This new ruling will take place upon the release date of the next OCG structure deck, which is 19 March 2011

[Previously] Monster's activated effects may be activated on the timing of a monster summon(Normal, reverse and special summon)
<- Basically what alot of people had confusion as the 'monster's priority' which never existed anyway.

[New Rule]
Monster's activated effects cannot be activated on the timing of a monster summon(Normal, reverse and special summon) What does this all mean: No more monster summon and activate player priority to activate the monster effect.

Summary of the above, especially for those who don't understand about the player priority.

"With the new ruling, the turn player cannot use their turn player priority to activate monster ignition effects when a monster is summoned"

Please read that 10 times to yourself to understand what is going to happen.

This means.... Lonefire will finally die to Chain Disappearance, and no more having to waste 2,000 precious life points on them. You can even use Effect Veiler on it and let it stand there while you start laughing (Lonefire based decks will have a hard time from now on.)

Test Tiger cannot sac itself on priority as well (Dont even have to book the GB monster. Just book the Test Tiger and it works too. Same goes for Mizuho + Mental Master since you can just book it and you will be shut down most of your problems)

Finally, Brionac is no longer the key to solve all your problems. Once your opponent summons it, just use Bottomless Traphole on it and no more on priority bouncing away of all your cards. Same goes for Scrap Dragon.

Do note that all these changes in no way affects how monsters with trigger effects (E.g. Airman, Gearframe, Trishula), as well as monsters with permanent effects (Jinzo, Fabled Unicor). Only monsters with activated effects (Effects you have to activate, such as Lonefire, Brionac and basically the various cards I mentioned above, as well as any other cards that activate similarly)

Affected Decks:
Any Dandelion based deck (Lonefire nerfed [in a sense] makes the engine alot weaker)
Any Psychic deck (Main engine of Mental Master similar weaker now)
Grave BF / Any BF (Gale is even weaker now, and Grepher cannot mill on priority)
GB (Slightly simply because of Test Tiger. Nothing else really)
Synchro based decks (Brionac no longer clears the path for you)
Lightlord (Lumina & JD are officially fail...)
Agent Angel (Venus & Hyperion losing priority hurts. Especially Hyperion)
Scrap Decks (Scrap / Scrap Twin Dragon weaker. And people will begin to use Bottomless from now on)

Conclusion: I see quite a big game changer here, and many cards are now very useable. Hey, you can use Enemy Controller to steal the opponent's monsters so that he cannot activate those effects. You have 1 month to test play how it works before this official ruling takes place, so better start thinking through how it may even affect your deck building & playstyle!

That restriction on Book of Moon made more sense now.


Addon by Bahamut:

How to differentiate Ignition and Trigger effects.

Example of trigger effect monster that is activated upon summon:
- E Hero Stratos
- Machina Gearframe
- Armageddon Knight
- Gadgets of all colour
- Debris Dragon
- Gyzarus
- Monarchs
- Black Rose Dragon
- Trishula etc

Example of ignition effect monsters (or what I like to call main phase effect to simplify things):
- Rescue Cat
- Lonefire
- Card Trooper
- Faultroll
- Dark Armed/Judgment Dragon
- Brionac
- Scrap Dragon

See the difference?


  1. This is one of the most fucking strange new rule I've ever seen.

    Prepare for cards having their prices drop like crazy.

  2. Hey they can bring back CED now :D, moon it, bth it, no blowing up field & hand

  3. This rule will apply also to TCG?

  4. Probably. Not confirmed yet.

    Personally, I like the change. It makes BTH viable again, and makes godlike stuff a little worse, putting them down to "great".

  5. bth???? now even trap hole will work...

  6. I'm sorry for hearing that rule will apply in japan first, many of your decks are based on that priority effect.
    Will this affect alot of your deck builds that you show us from now on?

  7. @Anonymous Definitely it will affect alot of things, both deck building and playstyle itself. We also need to test it out ourselves, though I doubt we will get the full effect of it before 19 March.