Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KKK = Kikou-kuri???

Just saw the new cards for Kikou (aka Mechanized) and seriously seems too strong imo. I would go as far as to say it might even be the new pro thing to play once the new banlist kills off 6 Sam. For spoilers go to Shriek. Heres a brief idea of what caught my eye.

Mechanized Soldier Wisel Ein
- Simply cause it is a 4 star dark machine with good stats of 1800 attack, not bad effect also makes it better

Chaos Infinity
- Turns those pesky tokens to attack mode, and lets you bring out Wisel from the deck quickly
- Effect negated and destroy at end phase unimportant, especially since destroy at end phase lets you bring out Grannel and the other Kikoutei

And thats all you need! Possible scenarios as follows...

Combo 1: Chaos Infinity during opponent turn, bring out Wisel Ein to die, and summon Grannel (Optional). On your turn, summon Black Bomber and revive Wisel Ein, Machine Duplicate Black Bomber, begin synchro for 3 Burei + Ninja on field

Combo 2: Chaos Infinity during your turn to SP summon Wisel Ein and normal summon Staff Officer. Machine Duplicate Staff Officer, and again synchro 3 Burei + Ninja on field

For those ambitious enough, fancy adding in Sin Cyber End, Geartown with AGGD, Grannel, and Black Rose Dragon into the mix? (Chaos Infinity to turn tokens to attack, summon Sin Cyber End and megamorph sounds very delicious some how)

PS: I know that these combos were previously possible without the Kikou factor, but there was never a good method to get those 4 star dark machines to grave effectively, and Cyber Dragons were not always at hand. Chaos Infinity just makes the whole mix that much more stable. Seems weird that the Kikou series would be the one to make synchro-ing of the Karakuri that much easier, lol?


  1. As Aporia states:

    "ZETSUBO DA!!!!!"

  2. Heh. So what kind of set-up would this sort of deck want? Triple Wisel Ein, obviously triple Salvo/Staff Officer...