Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kikou-Kuri (Additional Thoughts)

Hi guys, back with more KKK stuff, lol. Today shall touch on another card which would actually bring the deck 1 step further (though the card is not confirmed yet, probably not far off though). We have, Tech Genus Gear Zombie!

Think this is the first time I am actually interested in a zombie monster aside from Zombie Carrier, but this is pretty good stuff for the theme. For those who remember me trying out Grow Up Bulb, Gear Zombie will have the same role here.

Step 1: Synchro summon Burei (Through previous post of Chaos Infinity/Black Bomber combos), and special summon out Kuikku
Step 2: Reduce Burei attack by 1000 and special summon Gear Zombie
Step 3: Synchro Bureido using Gear Zombie and Burei, and special summon Staff Officer (Drawing 1 through Bureido effect at the same time)
Step 4: Synchro Burei using said Kuikku and Staff Officer, and sp Kuikku
Step 5: If you draw 1 extra Gear Zombie from the previous draw, laugh out that you lucksack your opponent, and repeat steps 2 to 4

And honestly, considering a crazy build with Synchro Cancel. Add that into the mix to synchro cancel back to Burei and Gear Zombie, to re-synchro back to Bureido = another draw with Bureido effect + another sp summon to field, totally earn card???

Look out for more crazy KKK ideas! Will probably have a full decklist and videos up as soon as the next pack is out, lol!


  1. Although the combo sounds good, I doubt we're getting Gear Zombie in EXVC due to the numbers of TG monsters filling up and being surrounded. Never know as a promo though I guess....

  2. They are rushing it!

    I'm not surprised, considering 5d's is close at it's end!