Thursday, January 6, 2011

Format is ending soon

So we shall look at the current state of the meta.

S Rank: Six Samurai, Black Feather
A Rank: Angels, Debris Dandy
B Rank: The rest

This is personal opinion and may not be 100% true. You can come to a similar conclusion by viewing the recent Japanese Tournament results of December that can be found here.

Note that they are all large scale tournaments.

Look at how flooded the top placing decks are with Six Samurai and BF.

So if you are doing any banlist speculation, please refer to the meta and not put whatever you like lol. Having 3 Debris cannot win against 3 Book of Moon and 3 Solemn Warning. I don't even feel like putting 3 Debris.

No, the banlist does not care what expansion is coming soon to the TCG because it was never about the TCG. It's just like the TCG players going "oh they will never do anything to X saber because OCG doesnt have Dark Soul and it is not owning over there". TCG can have their own banlist, I don't care.


The following are all from my experience playing as a Debris Dandy deck before and after side decking.

-=Six Samurais=-

This deck needs no introduction. Everyone is familiar with all the Board Swarming, Shien Locks, Infinite loops that the deck is capable of.

Playing as Debris Dandy against Six Samurai can go both ways. You can lead the board like crazy and do all the fancy Trishula and synchros and there is nothing much the Six Samurai can do.

But once the Six Samurai gets Shien and Rivalry up, life is super difficult for Debris Dandy. Ryko has to choose between destroying Rivalry or Shien, mostly Rivalry since Shien can substitute itself and you have to suffer like multiple direct attacks. Puppet Plant can't solve anything unless you have an awesome Warrior Tuner to sync Shien away into a Warrior Synchro which in most cases only Goyo, it is very unlikely. You can't even tribute away for Caius as it is a Fiend type. The only way is to hope nothing horrible happen to your Kinetic Soldier.

Where else can you find a deck that does free negation while generating so much card advantage every turn.

-=Black Feather=-

A very familiar match up that has been going on for a while but now tipping more to the favor of BF. Now that they include Gozen Match to fight Six Samurai, coincidentally it destroys Debris Dandy too.

Add on the almost endless supply of backrow and Shura that eats everything while generating advantage, there is not much that can be done here. Trap Stun does help a little here, but if you are a good BF player, you will have Book of Moon set too.


This is a very tricky match up. The deck aims to set up Kristia as soon as possible. Their Card draw is far more superior with 3 Duality and 3 Card of Heavens (or a mix of numbers). You can be sure their starting hand is more delicious than yours most of the time. A deck with little defense such as Debris Dandy has another hard time. The only way to go around this is mostly using your monster effects which are negated by Orange Light or Kristia returning next turn.

Side decking Light Mirror is not a wise choice considering Debris Dandy runs on Ryko and Formula Synchrons and it doesn't stop Kristia.


I don't really feel like modifying the deck much since Six Samurai is going to hell soon (meta shifting).

I hope some love is given to Debris Dandy come next banlist as it is the only non-themed deck that is competitive.


  1. yes death to six samurai

    i also doubt anything will be done to BF in upcoming banlist.

  2. More like there's NOTHING that can be done to BF without killing the whole deck.