Monday, January 10, 2011

Gold Series 2011 this week

Random guesses for the remaining cards.


DD Crow
Zombie Carrier
Snowman Eater (sure why not, it's been reprinted so many times)
Killer Tomato
Fire Monarch Thestaros
Smashing Ground
My Body as Shield
Foolish Burial
Cold Wave
Pot of Avarice
Royal Oppression
Raigeki Break

If you are wondering why most of the cards looks like it comes out of a Debris Dandy deck, it is because that is what the deck is all about. Putting all the good non themed cards together.

There is already Sorceror and Ryko, so I'm sticking to the theme here.. I am also secretly hoping that Debris Dragon and Junk Synchron gets a foil version. Rauzes will be happy.

At least my list looks reasonable comparing to those who wish that there is Pot of Duality even after seeing that there are Gungnir and Trishula. I'm sure they will be both the Normal rare this time round as opposed to Chimeratech. If you disagree, I hope you get Chimeratech Fortress Dragon as your normal rare in your box instead of Trishula. =D

Let's all make a Gold Debris Dandy deck for 2011. \o/

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  1. Buy the TCG version of Junk Synchron from the tin. It is really cheap.