Sunday, January 2, 2011

Draw whoring

Here is the deck that I've been using for awhile.

The Fabled Draw Whore: Bahamut!


[3] Fabled Grimro
[3] Fabled Cerberal
[3] Fabled Cruz
[3] Fabled Chawa
[3] Fabled Ganashia
[3] Junk Synchron
[3] Dopple Warrior
[3] THE Tricky
[2] Dandylion
[1] Quickdraw Synchron
[1] Level Eater
[1] Grow Up Bulb


[3] Tuning
[2] Pot of Avarice
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Allure of Darkness
[1] Giant Trunade
[1] One For One
[1] Monster Reborn

Extra Deck:

[2] Hyper Librarian
[1] Fabled Ragin
[1] Fabled Unicor
[1] Brionac
[x] Other Generic synchro of your choice.

Many ways to set up but the most important is of course summoning Librarian above all else.

[Dopple Warrior/Junk Synchron]

Obvious reasons, they are the main engine of the deck, summoning Librarian with ease. The 2 Tokens that are produced is simply too good. Junk Synchron has so many targets to call back and special summoning a simple Dopple Warrior from hand will snowball into something good. Trust me.

[Quickdraw Synchron]
The random addition of Quickdraw is for more special summoning and Synchro since you need to get rid of all that spare tokens.

[THE Tricky]
Need more hand discards to have targets for Junk Synchron. Tricky works well with Fabled and its a Special Summon, what's not to like.

[Level Eater]
Abusable with the Synchro mechanic and changing levels on the field as you please. Ok I lied, I just wanna make more Formula Synchron and draw moreeeee!

When you think Synchro themed deck, you will think of Dandylion.

The rest of the Fabled cards are self explanatory. The same for the spell cards.

Reminder: One for One and Quickdraw Synchron effect is send to grave and not discard, so no Fabled abuse for you. It is unfortunate but it is workable. Lucky for me, Drill Warrior effect is discard.

Yes I am aware the deck needs a little fixing because if you meet Angels who slap a Valhalla and special Kristia on the first turn, you are screwed. The lack of defensive cards in there means you should full strength right from the start. Sure you will meet a Book of Moon/Solemn Warning here and there but you can force your way through and still manage to at least break even when you get the combo going.

I would say the deck is semi competitive.


I would suggest watching the video in full screen if you can't recognize the cards.

Yes those are OCG Gold Series Crush Card Virus used as my card backing.

Secret new year wish: Unban Crush Card please.


  1. I have a question.
    Maybe I have permission to make this build?!?!? o_O
    it looks so godly with all the speed and draw power

  2. Can you please post the entire extra deck because i am toying around with a similar idea but i cant figure out a good working side deck

  3. Add in 2 MSTs. I tested this, and someone dropped a Dimensional Fissure. Needless to say, I scooped immediately. A Book of Moon is also a good idea.

  4. could you please update the decklist, cuz there are some cards that aren't on your video or affected by ban list..
    Love the build!!!!

  5. Do u think Raven can be used in this version ?!

  6. would this deck do good without Librarian? if it does, can you show me a deck build that would work without it

  7. what to substitute for dandylion?

  8. lol if they unban crush card vayo virus turbo will be so op. btw very ns deck for ocg but -1 dandy
    +1 dark hole

  9. Eres el chino conla cara menos amarga que he visto en mi vida , que locion hidratanteusas , penesafe¡¡¡.

  10. If you want to be a draw whore with Fabled, why not combine Hand Destruction/Dark World Dealings + Appropriate?

  11. Because that is doing it wrong.

  12. Could this deck be competitive with Tengus?? And need more destroy cards (MST, Dark Hole, and similar, or Royal Decree).

  13. No traps? Why not play a treacherous trap hole?