Sunday, January 2, 2011

Im Back!!!

Hi guys, this is DSummon and Im back! Well, for now. Long story short, my new job is keeping me extremely busy, including weekends. So for the last 2 weekends where I finally had some time to myself, it was abit of tournament and Monhun non stop without rest, and meeting up with some friends as well, so not much time to sit down in front of the comp.

Well, anyway had some time today, so finally got some videos up, do see our youtube page! Will be busy again for the next 2 weekends as I am on course, but will still try get to some videos up, hopefully in about 2 weeks time, so yup. Meanwhile, due to me being busy, job of adding captions to the video has been handed over to Baha. Do support and enjoy~!


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