Saturday, November 13, 2010

Potential awesome card

Doppel Warrior
DARK/Warrior - Effect/2/800/800
When a monster is successfully Special Summoned from your Graveyard, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is sent to the Graveyard as Synchro Material Monster, you can Special Summon 2 "Doppel Token" (Warrior-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK 400/DEF 400) to your field in Attack Position.

- It's a level 2 Warrior (meaning Reinforcement and Reinforce Truth searchable)
- It's Dark (meaning Crush Card but not that it matters anymore so I'm gonna say Dark Armed Friendly)
- It's super easy to fulfil the special summon condition (Junk Synchron, Debris Dragon, Level Stealer and the whole Yusei Engine that calls everything back from grave including Stardust)
- Splashable into Fabled Deck because Cerberal/Ganashia/Cruz/Solcius are friends.

But anyway the best abuse should be Junk Synchron because it works very well. Huge Junk Warrior because of the token that is produced (3100). You can also combo with another card that is in this set that boost all your tokens with 1000 ATK (STOR-JP076).

Junk + Boost + TKN + TKN
2300 + (1400 x2) + 1400 + 1400 = 7900 (How unfortunate)

Obviously you can easy Trishula with Debris and Dandy but with 4 tokens jamming your monster zone is not very exciting unless you use crazy card like Token Easter (STOR-JP057) and destroy opponent's 4 cards which is crazy profit lol.

So yes there we go, 3 cards in one topic.


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