Friday, November 12, 2010

Common Scene after STOR


=Combo 1=
Hand - Gateway, Kageki, Kagemusha

Activate Gateway

Normal Summon Kageki (2 Counter)

SS Kagemusha from Kageki effect (4 Counter)

Synchro Summon Shien (6 counter)

Remove 4 counter to search for Grandmaster/Kizan (2 Counter)

SS Grandmaster/Kizan (4 Counter)

Remove 4 Counter to search for Grandmaster/Kizan (0 Counter)

SS Grandmaster/Kizan (2 Counter)

Three fit Samurai on the field and an irritating Synchro that is difficult to get rid of.


=Combo 2=
Hand - Gateway, Kageki, Mizuho/Shinai.
Grave - Kizan

Activate Gateway

Normal Summon Kageki (2 Counter)

SS Mizuho/Shinai (4 Counter)

Remove counter to search for Mizuho/Shinai (0 Counter)

SS Mizuho/Shinai (2 Counter)

Mizuho Tribute Shinai to destroy a card
Shinai effect retrieve Kizan from grave

SS Kizan (4 Counter)

Remove counter to search for Grandmaster

SS Grandmaster (2 Counter)

Remove 2 counter and pump 500ATK

1700 + 1600 + 2100 + 2100 + 500 = 8000


More soon.


  1. =Combo 3=
    2X Gateway |or| Gateway + Residence of the 6 + 6 Samurai United


    Shinai |or| Mizuho

    activate required magic card

    summon Shinai/Mizuho (4 counter)

    remove counter to search for Shinai/Mizuho
    if summon Shinai then search Mizuho
    if summon Mizuho then search Shinai

    repeat steps till you have 1X Shinai and 2X Mizuho on field and 4 counter on field

    Mizuho-A release another Mizuho-B to destroy 1 card

    Remove counter to pull Mizuho-B from graveyard, then special summon (4 counter)

    Mizuho-B effect resets so release Mizuho-A to destroy 1 card

    remove counter pull Mizuho-A from graveyard, then special summon (4 counter)

    Mizuho-A effect resets so release Mizuho-B to destroy 1 card

    repeat steps (as long as Shinai is on the field, can keep special summoning Mizuho from hand) till opponents field is clear, then perform combo 1 and 2 for a safe and assured victory.

  2. I'm gonna skip 2 gate combos because it's too easy lol.

  3. FTK combo?
    only for fun purpose only
    1 gateway
    1 mass driver
    2 mizuho and 1 shinai(can be replaced with search card)

    play gate and mass
    normal summon mizuho(2 counters)
    special summon shinai(4 counters)
    special summon mizuho(6 counters)
    tribute mizuho 1st-400
    tribute shinai - another 400
    shinai's effect pick mizuho
    use gate's effect get shinai
    special summon shinai(4 counters)
    special summon mizuho(6 counters)
    repeat until done

  4. cant use shinai's eff when release for mass driver.
    because eff is miss time.

  5. Going by your example, doesnt that mean if u release it for mizuho it will also miss timing.

    Does that make sense to you?

  6. I've got a qns here. After looking at shriek, I'm thinking if the basic monster line-up would just look like this:

    3x Grandmaster
    3x Kagemusha
    3x Kizan
    3x Kageki

    I've seen Six Samurai top in shriek and this is their basic monster line-up
    Is this really what Six Samurai really need?

    Although I know that shriek can be highly unreliable too.
    What do u think?

  7. Yes that is all they need because Shien Synchro is broke.

  8. I won't say that. Six Samurai is like being overhyped.
    After all, Shien's effect can only be activated in your own turn. Meaning, decks such as Dragons will stand a fair chance against them. Dragons can spam out high beaters so fast. Beaters with good effects such as White Night Dragon and Tyrant Dragon will do pretty well against the Six Sam. A field with REDMD + BEWD= Pure power can take down the six samurais very easily. Tyrant temper will be a good tech within them and it will help to eliminate all fears of allowing traps to destroy the Dragons. Dragons swarm very fast too ya' know? :3

    Moreover, It would be easy for other decks to side against Six sam but six sam has difficulty siding because they have too much themed cards to run.
    Okay, I may be a little off topic here because I'm now debating on the Six Samurai's strength.

    Sorry >_>;;

  9. Wait, shein can be activated in opponents turn. What's with me today >_>;;
    My bad for that one.

  10. @sirisak_q & Bahamut 84

    Shinai's effect will not miss the timing because it's a mandantory effect like sangan, it has to activate, regardless of any chain link or timing. So yes, the Shinai Mass Driver combo works.