Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Karakuri and Scrap with STOR

STOR really brought quite a few gifts for Scrap and Karakuri, lets do a quick discussion! Along with an extra discussion on Scrap Orotholos~

Scrap Shark
- Exactly what the deck needed, it gives the deck a fighter of its own, with 2100 being able to hit over the usual suspects such as Shura and Sirocco, various Lightlord stuff and most of the six samurais. Its effect of giving a Foolish Burial for Scrap stuff is good too, allowing Scrap decks to begin using a wider genre of previously unused monsters possibly, such as Scrap Searcher and Scrap Soldier. Lastly, its self destruction is on resolution, meaning more Machine Emperor Awesomeness~

Scrap Orotholos
- Searchable by Scrap Area, and gives Scrap an easy to use Monster Reincarnation for that all important Chimera. Expect to see stuff like Goblin on field, SP Orotholos which is destroyed, SP Scrap Searcher and Grannel, then normal summon Chimera, etc etc. Seriously cool stuff. Together with Scrap Shark speeds up the deck loads.

- The new synchro for Karakuri and 8 star. Personally I dont really care about the additional effect, the special summoning from deck is the best. Why? Read on~

Saisan, Karakuri Doorkeeper
- 4 star tuner for Karakuri, and loads of uses. For one it has the highest defense so far. (However note that if it is attacked while in defense, it will actually change to attack position) Its effect actually works extremely good with Karakuri powder combined. It can attack to say pump Warrior to 2600. Then after that activate Powder to add on Doorkeeper's attack to Ninja, and becomes 4000. Limit break anyone? LOL

Kuikku, Karakuri Ninja
- 100 times more useful then the previous Ninja. Its Shura alike effect lets it revive from the grave any monster that you need. Usually would be tuners and you can synchro them away.

However, Karakuri is powered up even more then that! Ninja has loads of potential in it. Just use a simple trap card that Yuusei used before.... URGENT TUNING!

Normally urgent tuning is not very useful in any deck. It just gives you that 2000plus more damage and you lose out 1 card. Since its release till now I have seen no play for the card at all. However with Karakuri, you not only synchro out a monster, but you get an extra monster for it as well, making for no lost. If you call Ninja and get its effect, even more profit!

Sample scenario:
Special summon Cyber Dragon, normal summon Karakuri Staff Officer. Synchro for Bureido, and special summon Ninja. Ninja attacks opponent monster, revives back Saff Oficer. Following that you can Urgent Tuning the Ninja and Staff Officer for a Burei, sp another Ninja, and more attacking through. Totally fun if you ask me. I built a deck based on this already, should be trying it tomorrow, woot~


  1. Lets say, Scrap Orthos destroy a scrap monster and sends it to the Grave. Scrap Searcher effect actv, sp summon itself, won't machine emperor miss its timing? Last thing to happen is sp summoning of scrap searcher. So one would have to choose to sp summon either and not both, right? Coz the sp summoning of the Machine Emperor and Searcher is not happening all at once right?

  2. No, theres some error in your resolution. Scrap Orthos destroy a scrap monster is the end of the chain. After that any taking back of Scrap monster / SP of Searcher / SP of Grannel is in a new chain.

    However, since in the previous chain the last thing is destruction of Scrap, you can summon both. Just check the ruling for Scrap Squall vs Grannel.

  3. Oh sure, thanks. Just clearing doubts. So that means, when Scrap Dragon is destroyed, you can sp Summon Searcher along with the non-synchro scrap targetted for revival by the dead dragon?

  4. Hi.

    If i were to SP green baboon and scrap searcher in response to the activation of scrap squall, will green baboon still be destroyed? As both will be triggered at the same time, can i choose scrap searcher to be SPed first before green baboon?

  5. O_O

    After so many months...are we going at last to see a video from you guys again?

  6. @Kaizen Should not be a problem, even though I'm not extremely familiar with green babbon rulings. Maybe u should check that side out?

    @Max Discussing with Baha on resuming it. Should have something up hopefully by next week, thank for the support!