Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Six Samurai support

Six Samurai storming the world soon.

Now they have their own Reinforcement of the Army. Sure it searches only level 3 and below but it can search Mizuho, Shinai and Kageki which is good enough.

And then they have their own "Chariot/Body As shield" thing. The rest of the new cards not so exciting.

Check Shriek for new cards and translations

Recipe for Tier 1:

- Have DaD/JD aka boss monster that destroys world
Six Samurai may not have any boss monster that destroys multiple cards for free (Enishi sux) but it's close.

- Can Synchro Summon
Kagemusha is searchable and can be Truth Reinforce. Think fake Emergency Teleport.

- Can Draw/Search efficiently
Gateway is like the most retarded card ever made. Like retardedly OP.

- Can Field Destruction for advantage
Mizuho Gateway loop = bullshit.

I think they pretty much have everything there. The only time they will fail is when they can't draw Gate lol.

Konami please restrict Gateway to 1 =(


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