Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cardmaster Tourney @ 23/10/10

Deck Used: Coelacanth Synchro (Surprise surprise not Quick Dandy deck this time)

Participants: 28

Match 1: Vs BF Lightlord
1: Trishula control his grave and won from there.
2: Coelacanth summon into Stardust and Gungnir which died from Shining G. Few turns later I drew reborn and summoned Gungnir and destroyed everything to direct attaaaaaackkkkkkkk!!

Match 2: Vs BF
1: Can't remember.
2: Trishula destroyed my set up.
3: Coelacanth + Gishilnodon + Brionac attaaaaaaackkkkk!!!

Match 3: Vs BF
1: Ultimate hand of 3 Oyster Meister. Auto loss lol.
2: I summoned Coelacant and summoned 3 Oyster and a Fishborg. It was an obvious OTK but for some reason I went blur for awhile and didn't do it lol so I died coz Dark Armed win games.

Match 4: Vs BF
1: I Gold Sarc for Coelacanth and died before getting it back lol. Die in Fire Benjamin.
2: I had Trunade and Coelacant and Gorz, but my Gorz went to hell because Icarus is too strong lol. Die in Fire Benjamin.

Match 5: Vs Plant Lightlord
1: I start with a set monster. He also set a monster and ended. I used 141 to summon Treeborn and tribute both for Coelacanth and OTK.
2: Rubbish hand of 2 crow and frogs. Monster beat me to death.
3: Caius followed by Scrap Dragon to control.

Top 8

Match 6: Vs Hero Beat
1: After some stalling, I Trap Stun on Stand By Phase, summoned Coelacanth and Synchro into Colossal and Arm and equipped it to his Alius but he used Honest and apparently I will die first if I continue to keep attacking lol. So I hit till I had 300 lp left vs his 2000 and ended. He summoned and Torrential himself. On my turn I Cold Wave and summon the 2nd Coelacanth and Direct.
2: My hand had Double Caius and Ladd and I just keep summoning them and eventually won.

Match 7: Vs BF
1: Can't remember but it was just Coelacanth and random synchro without doing any OTK because I couldn't do it lol.
2: The same as above.

Match 8: Vs BF
1: Rubbish hand of frogs. Did a Dupe Frog Wall but was destroyed by Book of Moon followed by a Sirocco Focus. I had Veiler in my hand but decided to store it because I sense that he will do a 234 Synchro since he searched a Blizzard and there is already a Kalut in grave. The next turn I did the Dupe wall again and he indeed summoned the Blizzard and summoned Mist Wurm which I Veilered. But he got another Book of Moon. FML.
2: Most wonderful hand in the world. Two Trap Stun, Catastrophe, 141, Oyster, Gold Sarc. I searched for Coelacanth. The next draw was Gold Sarc again wtf. But anyway 2 turns later I managed to summon the Coelacanth which ate an Effect Veiler and then he used Gale and the usual BF bullshit. FML.

End Result: 2nd (THIS SUX, story below)

The reason why I'm playing this deck is because I was issued a challenge by a friend. If I get first, I will get a Kaien Token. But otherwise it's free dinner every time I did not achieve it. Obviously it was a very good bargain.

Anyway Coelacanth deck is fun.

Monster = [24]

[2] Light and Darkness Dragon
[3] Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
[1] Gorz
[3] Oyster Meister
[3] Swap Frog
[3] Dupe Frog
[1] Ronintoadin
[2] Treeborn Frog
[2] Fishborg Gunner
[1] Spirit Reaper
[2] Effect Veiler
[1] Snowman Eater

Magic = [10]

[2] Gold Sarcophagus
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Dark Hole
[1] Foolish Burial
[1] Giant trunade
[1] Cold Wave
[1] One for One
[1] Pot of Duality
[1] Morray of Greed

Trap = [6]

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[2] Water Art Aoi
[2] Trap Stun


  1. Can you tell me How you changed the banner and what software you used?

  2. Whats the side deck for this deck?I really like this :D

  3. You can use "Big Wave Small Wave" instead of duality for easy Coelacanth.