Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Coelacanth

A few people asked.

Combo 1: The standard
- Coelacanth call 2 Oyster and 2 Fishborg
- Coelacanth and Fishborg into Colossal
- Call back Fishborg
- Both Fishborg tune into an Arm each.
- All you need to kill your opponent is to have a 850 attack monster on his field for the Colossal Arm loop. Quite unstoppable even with DD Crow.

Combo 2: More Complicated but safe.
- Coelacanth call 2 Oyster and 2 Fishborg
- Fishborg and Oyster into Arm
- Fishborg and Oyster Token into Formula
- Formula + Oyster into Gishilnodon
- Call back Fishborg and tune with token for Formula
- Formula and Arm into Brionac
- Brionac clear the field
- Coelacanth + Gishilnodon + Brionac = 8100

Combo 3: The Trishula
- Call the same 4
- Synchro into Arm
- Tune Token, Fishborg and Coelacanth for Trishula
- Call back Fishborg and Formula as you wish.
- Synchro into Arm
- Synchro into Formula
- Synchro using Formula, Oyster and Arm for Trishula

Combo 4: The lulz
- You can summon Shooting Star Dragon or Scar Red Nova Dragon with the same set up
- Scar Red will be awesome big with all the Fishborg and Formula in Grave.
- I run Veiler so its possible to have an 8000 attack Scar Red with 3 Formula/Veiler/Fishborg all in grave lol. (Unlikely, but just stating the possibility)


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