Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cardmaster Tourney @ 02/10/10

Deck Used: QuickDandy

Match 1: QuickDandy
1: A quick Trishula to gain control and made sure he had no grave followed by a Scrap Dragon from another Debris.
2: Drill Warrior Control and took back Caius to remove his set Ryko and both direct for the win.

Match 2: Amazon Warrior beat
1: I wasnt sure what he was running and took so much damage and I was left around 2000. I managed to clear the board with blackrose to leave him with 1 card and it was just controlling from there.
2: Sided in more backrow control and won.

Match 3: XSabers
1: Trishula his darksoul away and beat!
2: Trishula beat is awesome. He had a terrible hand of 2 Faultroll and nothing else interesting.

Match 4: QuickDandy (opponent from round 1)
1: Hand was pretty bad and he Trishula me and I had no options.
2: Drill and Trishula control wins games
3: I had to tribute summon my gorz and I had a stuck living dead and used that to beat and win lol

Match 5: Lightlords (hall of shame moment lol)
1: He start with Solar Recharge and milled carrier. Charge of Light Brigade and milled Guardna + Bulb. Lumina and Garoth appeared and milled enough for JD. I had Gorz and tuned the token into Colossal. Gorz attack Lumina and I ate Honest. Colossal went for Garoth and I ate Honest for that too yay. At this point I'm sure you can play anyhow and can still win. Anyway I struggled and killed one of his JD somehow and he used the Goyo that I lent him for the day to kill me. Hatred much.
2: My decision to not run Stardust today killed me. I intended to summon stardust from my debris since I had Divine Wrath. But since I already made that move, I only had Scrap Dragon to Summon. As expected he summoned his JD and destroyed the world. I then set 2 back row and a monster baiting him to use JD effect. He summoned Lyla and destroyed my Divine Wrath. And too add further hatred, he Avariced back to summon one more JD making sure that I die like a dog.

And that was the story of Hall of Shame moment.

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  1. Good to see you are still alive and kicking!:P

    So, Darksoul was really released in OCG?

    Because I can't find it anywhere on wikia!

    Where and when was he released?