Saturday, October 9, 2010

Asian Championship Plus Pre Selection Tournament @ 09/10/10

Team: Jeff/XiaoMei/Bahamut (BF/Good Stuff/QuickDandy)

Deck Used: QuickDandy

Yes I use QuickDandy again. The team tournament had this restriction of sharing the cards among the team members including Limited and Semi Limited cards. Meaning, only one player in the team will have a Dark Hole, and 2 Chaos Sorc had to be shared among 3 people and 3 cards have to be shared too. Just an example.

Match 1: QuickDandy
1: Bad start for me as i had 2 Avarice in my opening hand. After much milling and farming with Formula I finally drew what I needed and won with no Avarice left.
2: Won from doing Phoenix Wing Blast followed by a Raiza and my opponent attacked my Stardust with Catastor. Easy win.

Team Score: 2 W 1 L
Xiaomei Won Declarer
Jeff Lost BF

Match 2: QuickDandy
1: As usual I open poorly and was at a disadvantage. He had Catastor + Caius with no backrow. I had Yomi and 2 Dandy tokens. I had a Lonefire in my hand and did Colossal + Arms Aid OTK. =D
2: Hand was even worse this time round. I flipped my Hamster to get Ryko, tributed it for Raiza and got wiped by a Torrential. FML.
3: I had a set Wing Blast and a Dandy. He set 2 cards and a monster. I Wing Blast at the end phase on his backrow and I drew Trunade. Life Sux. But I tributed my Dandy for Raiza and bounced his Monster anyway and did a direct attack. On the next turn he set a back row and a monster again. I used Tuning to get Quickdraw and milled Grow up Bulb. Used Trunade, Bulb comes back to tune witht he token for Formula, and Synchro with Raiza to get Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon destroy my last token and his set monster which was Ryko. I discarded a monster from my hand and normal summoned Ryko to form Nitro Warrior and Direct attacked with both.

Team Score: 2 W 1 L
Xiaomei Lost GB
Jeff Won BF

Match 3: Countdown
1: It took quite awhile for me to setup a Raiza loop. At the 16th turn I forgot to remove my Drill Warrior coz I was retarded (distracted) and that cost me the game lol.
2: More Raiza loop with Drill Warrior and Divine Wrath and rushed him.
3: We went into extra time and when I attacked with everything I had he used Battle Fader. On my final turn of the extra turn, I summoned Black Rose, turned Fader into attack mode and hit it. He had nothing and I won at the end of this turn.

Team Score: 2 W 1 L
Xiaomei Lost BF
Jeff Won GB

And so we are going to top 8 of the Asian Championship Plus. =D


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