Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tournament Report 18/09/10

Finally have a Saturday free to join tourney, so made my way down to Dhoby Ghaut Cardmasters for their touranament and managed to win~ (Fought total of 4 Dandywarriors today, zzzz....) However, original prize of a holo Black Rose Dragon had some con, so the boss graciously changed it to Pot of Duality and topped me some cash for it. (Japanese version of the cards in case anyone is wondering) Heres the report~

Tournament Joined: Cardmasters
Deck Used: Grand Scraps

Swiss Round 1: Unknown (BF) XOO
Match 1 – Drew a monster hand while my opponent first turn had Whirlwind + Sirocco and 3 face down magic traps. Nuff said
Match 2 - Controlled him with early game Tragodia that stole his Sirocco. He didn’t draw much monsters and won from there
Match 3 – Did a first turn Dust Shoot, then more Tragodia stealing Sirocco again. His hand was decent, but Mind Crush and big Grannel few turns later crushes his dreams.

Swiss Round 2: Samuel (LL) OXO
Match 1 – Books + Wasteland on Lyla and stuff gives me lead, and 4k attack Grannel pokes for win
Match 2 – He had 4 types of LL in grave by his first turn, died shortly after…
Match 3 – I had a field of Grannel, Chimera and Gblin. He summoned Card Gunner upon which I correctly guessed Judgement with Mind Crush and won with field lead

Swiss Round 3: Richard (Dandywarrior) XOX
Match 1 - Dust Shoot on Volcanic Shell in my first turn and he had not much interesting stuff in hand, like Debris, Quickdraw, One for One so I thought will win. He top draw Dandelion on his 2nd turn then some Trishula and stuff few turns later gives him win
Match 2 - Mind crush on Ryko after he used Charge plus Chain Disappearance on Dandelion and lead the game totally. Final blow by Grannel and Scrap Twin ftw
Match 3 - Drew many side deck cards but very few of my Scrap cards. Still blocked him many turns due to all my side deck stuff, but died after very long with 2 Grannel in hand and no tuners in sight.

(Barely squeezed into top 8!)

Top 8: Jeff (Dandwarrior) OXO
Match 1 – He used Tuning for Quickdraw and I Mind Crush which dropped 3 copies at a go. However I had random hand of 3 Chimera, and no tuners as well. After a few turns, topped Squall, which I used, then Grannel appeared to steal his Goyo, and won shortly from there
Match 2 – Summoned Chimera but my tuners got hit by Prophecy. Then 2 Grannel died to Junk Destroyer and Thunder Break within the same turn and died.
Match 3 – Tragodia stole Hamster and Scrap Twin bouces all his face down monsters to hand. Dust Shoot in the following turn for control and won few turns later

Semi-Finals: Aim (Dandwarrior) OO
Match 1 - Grannel at 3k+ attack plus lots of Scrap stuff to earn advantage and won
Match 2 – Had Crow plus Chain Disappearance in beginning hand. Won him 3 Scrap Dragons later. (Not all on the field together)

Finals: Caleb (Dandywarrior) XOO
Match 1 – First turn Charge drops in Dandelion for him, then Trishula a few turns later and lost too much resources for win.
Match 2 – Maintained good field advantage with Squall and Dragons. Had field of 2 Scrap Dragons and Grannel and attacked into Mirror Force. Dragons revived Beast + Chimera, and I summoned another Grannel and continued the attack for win.
Match 3 - Managed to get Golem into grave so even though my Dragon kept dying to random stuff but Golem maintained my advantage. In the end he had no resources except 2 tokens and 1 out of game Drill Warrior, while I had Golem on field. I drew Chimera and my Double Summon already in hand with a fully equipped grave gives me my beautiful finisher.
(Scrap Twin + 2 Scrap Chimera + Scrap Beast on his empty field)

Alot of you requested my deck list, but didnt really want it up till I got some results out of it. Here it is!

Deck Name: Grand Scraps
Monster [17]
[2] Cyber Dragon
[3] Machine Emperor - Grannel Infinity
[1] Tragodia
[3] Scrap Chimera
[3] Scrap Goblin
[2] Scrap Beast
[2] Scrap Golem
[1] Card Gunner

Magic [18]
[1] Monster Reborn
[1] Black Hole
[1] Hurricane
[2] Cyclone
[1] Mind Control-
[1] Foolish Burial
[3] Scrap Area
[3] Scrap Squall
[3] Book of Moon
[2] Double Summon

Trap [5]
[1] Call of Haunted
[1] Trap Dust Shoot
[1] Mind Crush
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Wasteland Tornado

Much more concentrated build on pure Scraps, plus runs very smoothly in my opinion. Grannels fit in nicely since Double Summon and stuff usually helps me get Chimeras to hand quickly while I can press for damage on the field. Shall not go deeply into combos since they are basically the usual ones, so... Enjoy~


  1. based on the new set extra pack 3 what do you think of swallow nest

  2. based on the new set what do u think of swallow nest