Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No we are not dead

I blame DSummon for his misleading title (Thanks to supporters??) sounds like we are closing down.

And yes my lack of post is not helping either =P

1) DSummon is busy working
2) I am busy playing SC2
3) New format suck, I want my Heavy Storm!


A few people ask me what am I playing now. Cos life is the boring, I am running QuickDandy with Volcanic Shells that everyone is hyping about. Yes sure boo boo, no originality. I was running a very similar build minus the Shells previously so I'm just trying it out. Obviously people don't care what I think and probably just slap "Netdeck!" right away. =/

But anyway, I don't like it. Coz who else on earth is capable of drawing 2-3 shells in their starting hand without the help of the search effect.

Right now I am just tuning the deck such that it summons Trishula efficiently (and safely) coz it is one of the little joys left. So please don't Caius my Trishula =(


Due to the lack of content today, I shall pretend to be useful and help the lazy people check up rulings on random cards of the QuickDandy deck.

Volcanic Shell
- You can use the effect of different Volcanic shells in a turn. You can use Shell A to search for Shell B and use Shell B to Search Shell C all in the same turn!
- It has to remain in the grave in order to resolve, so yes DD Crow stops it.

Spore/Growup Bulb
- Previously, a long time ago when Spore was first printed, it was believed that the "Once Per Duel" effect is shared and this was backed up by the Japanese wiki. (keywords: Long time ago) But no, it is per player. Read the English Text. Just making it clear because my name is mentioned somewhere when it comes to this discussion. -.-

Quick Synchron
- The hand card that you send to grave is not a cost, but you cannot use this effect multiple time and try to cheat Light and Darkness Dragon. It is part of the summoning condition. No you cannot Mind Crush/Dustshoot when I am summoning it either.
- The part where it substitutes any Synchron monster cannot be negated so please stop telling me that Synchron Explorer + Quick Synchron = Blackrose.
- And yes obviously I am aware of this and did not cheat my way somehow to summon a Trishula out of it.

- Yes you can activate this under Macro Cosmos. You search, and remove the top card from play.


In other random news of the day, I want this for my Birthday! (Don't worry it is not a supicious link)

That is all for today!


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