Monday, August 30, 2010

Thanks to supporters~

Hi all! Just came back from a weekend trip in Penang, and had quite an interesting experience there which is giving me new found vigor to do stuff in the blog / Youtube channel.

Was heading back yesterday and was at the bus interchange with some time to spare before getting onto the bus to head to the airport, so went into the shopping mall to take a look. (Name is Prangin mall I believe) Walk around and saw a card shop on the 3rd floor? (Along with cards had DVDs for animes, lol) Decided to go in to take a look, while my poor girlfriend stand outside the shop on luggage lookout duty, LOL.

Saw some interesting stuff, like a Burn vs BF match, etc. Was about to leave when corner of my eye saw a guy building a deck, so out of curiosity went to take a look, and to my suprise saw cards like AD Changer, Illusion Summoner, etc etc. Couldnt resist temptation so I asked if he looked at the deck from DuelingDays which he confirmed, saying that he had all the cards (3 Gaia Drakes in the album to boot, heh) so he decided to form it. I introduced myself as the guy from DuelingDays which upon he asked for a handshake and ideas on how to play the deck. (First time people from YGO ask me for handshake, lol)

End day, the short meeting lasted only about 5 minutes (Had to leave cause my girlfriend was starting to get very bored outside) Regret that I couldnt stay longer, but I didnt have my cards with me anyway so not much point in staying longer. Still, even though I knew we had viewers of the blog / youtube overseas, meeting 1 randomly like that gives morale for me to try and come up with more ideas. So thanks for your support everyone!

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  1. Hi man,
    I'm the handshake guy.
    Name's Vincent.
    and yes, I built your deck as I was lucky (or some sort) to have ended up with 3 Gaia Drake, 3 Arcanite Magician, the Supreme Wizard, and 4 Dragon Equis (although was lucky enough that I sold 3 Dragon Equis and 1 Arcanite), but the other reason that I try it out was because it was purely fun and creative.
    and I like that, cause BF, LL, GB, Machiners and etc tier 1 decks are getting boring.
    So please keep up the good work, Penang have a fair amount of duelist so please visit us again.
    Now I'd need to go build on my Gusta Deck