Monday, September 13, 2010

Tournament Report 10/09/10

Finally had some free time so decided to join my first tournament ever since the new format. Built together my updated Scrap deck and decided to head over.

Why did I remove Geartowns + Hats combo? Grannel was just much bigger then AGGD (LOL) and of course more versatile. However, Grannel works better using a pure Scrap build using Double Summons and stuff so I decided to test it out. Results were better then expected, though I scrubbed due to drawing some totally crappy hands against the wrong opponents. Ah well, better luck next time!

Tournament Joined: Lorong Ah Soo
Deck Used: Grand Scraps (Basically pure Scrap with 3 Grannel, lol)

Swiss Round 1: Unknown (Bf) OO
Match 1 - After i used Hurricane and summoned Scrap Dragon and Grannel, he made a mistake and sacrificed Bora for Sirocco before remembering to play his Black Whirlwind. Took the game from there
Match 2 - He rushed till I had 400 left while I had quite a bad hand with no tuners. However I topped my Scrap Goblin and used Mind Control on Arms Wing for Scrap Twin that hits over Damudo. Controlled from there and won in 3 turns

Swiss Round 2: Jinhao (Lightlord) XOO
Match 1 - Drew a super random hand till I had to sacrifice a 4k grannel for Golem but my Scrap Beast got Crowed away. Lost from there
Match 2 - Used 2 Beast to rush then Squall for 4k Grannel hit. Managed to win few turns later as he had no answer to the early game Grannel.
Match 3 - Had control over the entire match and won with a final field of Scrap Dragon, Grannel, Chimera and Beast. Jinhao now has Grannel trauma, true story

Swiss Round 3: Jeff (Dandy Warrior) XX
Match 1 - Lost with final hand of Tragodia, Grannel, Hurricane and Cold Wave. 'Perfect' hand against Dandy Warrior
Match 2 - Had a full Scrap hand with no magic/traps except Cyclone and Scrap Area while he has Brionac makes fantastic scrub. (Made mental note from here to side out ALL M/T removals against Dandy Warrior)

Swiss Round 4: Clover (Dandy Warrior) OO
Match 1 - He removed his Drill Warrior then tried to Trishula me, but I booked of moon on Debris. After that with careful killing of his monsters, he had a full monster field and Drill Warrior couldnt return. Scrap twin, with Chimera flood wins few turns later
Match 2 - Uber epicness of the day. On my 2nd turn. I summoned Chimera to revive Beast. After Chimera's effect resolved, he used Thunder Brek on my Chimera which got my Grannel out. Squall away on Beast summons my 2nd grannel. Then Double Summon brings my Chimera out again for Scrap Dragon which hits our face down back row cards. Mine is Mind Crush and I name Gorz just in case which he really had Gorz and I won.

Top 16: Yong Siang (BF) XX
Match 1 - Nice hand of Scrap Area * 2, Squall, Grannel, some other random stuff. He starts first and summons Rai-Ou + 3 face downs...... Managed to Mind Control Rai-Ou and synchro with a top deck Goblin 3 turns later and he shows face down 1: Oppression... Couple of turns later finally top Cold Wave and he shows me face down 2: Solemn Declaration. What a perfect game!
Match 2 - Again nice random hand of 0 monsters except Tragodia, Grannel, 2 Squall, and stuff. Drew 0 monsters for few turns and scrub from there... All my Scrap stuff ran away!!

Collected prize: Magnum Ice Cream LOL (Yes, I killed Clover with epic field just to collect Magnum ice cream, lol???)


  1. Hi DS, can i ask for your latest decklist of your Grannel-Scrap deck? Im using a Scrap build with 3 Wisels and a single Grannel.

  2. Can we have the deck list?