Friday, August 20, 2010

Grannel is out!

Finally got my 3 Grannel!

With all the effects finally released, lets do a quick comparison.

Grannel Infinity:

1. Looks to be the strongest to use since it lets your other monsters attack

2. Also potentially the biggest in stats as well

3. Even better ability to spit back out the synchros are awesome. Spit stuff like Stardust / Scrap Dragon / Dark End for advantage love

Wisel Infinity:

1. Most practical to use for any deck hoping to throw it in at random

2. Magic negation ability rocks. Even if summoned on opponent's turn, it will probably survive to your turn. So much that you can overlook the attack restriction

Skiel Infinity:

1. Probably the weakest of all Machine Emperors. Only play if you building some Machine Emperor deck which already uses 3 Grannel and 3 Wisel

2. However, potentially most dangerous as well due to below scenario

(Steal opponent synchro monster, anything above 2k attack is fine. Then Limiter Removal to lock in the attack, say Stardust will give it 9400. Finally, release the Stardust which gives it direct attack, though attack maintains at 9400 as Limiter locks it in, sudden otk??)

Machine Emperors in new banlist

- Dark Hole rocks! Just Dark Hole self, summon Grannel and Limiter = 0 effort otk

- Furthermore no Storm = more destruction traps, meaning more Machine Emperor opportunities. Same goes for the 3 Black Rose Dragons

- However, 3 Cydras makes it easier to kill as well. Though I seriously doubt most decks will go beyond 1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon in their synchro pile, so life is still safe for most Machine decks anyway

Rulings updates to note on Machine Emperor

- As said before, the destruction has to be the last thing to happen. Therefore you CANNOT summon them out if you say Judgement Dragon, get hit by Starlight road and he summons Stardust Dragon.

- Yes, it IS possible for both players to summon Machine Emperors at the same time, say due to Torrential Tribute. However, each player can only summon 1 at anytime. Does not change even if say, there is a Scrap Dragon on field doing its compulsory revival.

- When your Vanity Fiend is destroyed by a card effect, you can special Machine Emperor from hand. Same goes for Holy Light vs Wisel's case

And there you have it, enjoy~


  1. Ermm, sorry if this question is stupid, but you get your copies from Kinokuniya ya?

  2. Yup, it just got released today, get it now~

  3. erm...starlight just negate the effect right? if not negate activation so no matter got special summon stardust or not the effect will still resolve without effect?wiki havent got answer yet xD

  4. may i ask the god u mention is which god = =,and i heard some of the people said starlight road negate effect only,so its still need to resolve without effect

  5. Hmmmm, well, there is no official answer to the starlight road vs Wisel bit, though its very seldom so we will wait and see. Meanwhile I removed it anyway, so yup~

    Just put it up to see what the reaction to it was

  6. A lot of people dunno when the book actually come as they always check it on the web.. Thanks for telling me, DSummon ^^ getting my copy tmr XD

  7. As far as I know, its already totally booked / sold out, you better call before you head down, lol

  8. @#$%$#$%&*&%


    No fear, tmr I call them, if don't have... Speechless, so this is Tragoedia Case #2

    Is okay... I still got Wisel ^^V