Thursday, August 19, 2010

The chicken and egg story of Banlist Sep 2010

Banlist discussion between Bahamut84 and DS and more of what goes in between our heads

I can see it now... The chicken and egg story of this banlist

Player A: LOL @ you, I can 3 Black Rose + Black Hole clear your board
Player B: So what, I can use Starlight Road which you only left 1 Oppression to counter
Player A: Oh yah? Well I have 3 Royal Palace to stop your Starlight Road
Player B: Royal Palace is noob, I now have 2 Cyclones to stop Palace!

The story will go on and on
The real chicken and egg story probably goes more like this

Konami staff A: Hey, we bring out Monster Reborn then everybody will die suddenly and complain
Konami staff B: Ok, in that case lets kill off Rescue Cat to stop abuse of Monster Reborn
Konami staff A: Hmmmm, while we are at it, lets remove Brain Control as well
Konami staff B: In that case, lets remove Heavy Storm, so people can cover 5 cards to protect themself
Konami staff A: Sounds good!

The saga continues....


  1. I'm of the opinion that Semi-Limiting Mystical Space Typhoon (Cyclone) was unnecessary as Double Cyclone can be turned into an MST simply by Chaining it to a Normal Spell/Trap Card.

    Player 1: "I play Monster Reborn."

    Player 2: "No response."

    Player 1: "I Chain with Double Cyclone to kill your one face-down card that I suspect is Torrential Tribute."

  2. hahahah retarded funny la u guys!!! :D