Friday, August 20, 2010

Dragunity Aklys nerf.

It seems that Konami decided that Dragunity is not working as intended and rulings for Aklys is revised.

Reference: Here and Here


Q: When the monster equipped with Dragunity Aklys is destroyed, will its effect activate?
A: No


Q; When the monster equipped with Dragunity Aklys is Released or used for a synchro Summon and sent to the grave, can the effect be activated?
A: No (it should be safe to assume the same for Removing a Dragunity to summon Laevatin)

Updated yesterday on the 19th.

No more free destruction when summoning Laevatin and into Direct Attack Trident.


  1. What is their reasoning? Isn't Aklys mandatory?

  2. New reasoning is
    If Aklys is sent to grave due to something happen to the monster, Aklys will not activate.

    However if Aklys is equipped and say Heavy Storm is activated, then Aklys will activate.

  3. Because when monster is leave the field 1st..Aklys is send to the graveyard because it lost target..and send to the graveyard.That time..Aklys is not treat as equip card and send to the effect not triggered..

  4. When you consider the wording on Aklys, the ruling isn't so much a nerf as it is a reminder. Remember, Equip Cards are destroyed by the game if the monster holding them is no longer face-up, on the field, or a legal target. In the third case, Aklys would trigger, but in the first two, it would not. The reason is because there's no longer a monster holding it. Monster flipped face-down? Aklys is no longer equipped to a monster, so it's destroyed. Monster removed from the field? Same thing: It's not equipped to anything and gets destroyed. Since it wasn't sent to the Graveyard while equipped to a monster, it won't trigger.

  5. everybody tried playing yugioh tag force 5 and used dragunity deck with aklys effect surprisingly its effect by removing from play a monster equip with a dragunity to special summon a laevaetein and aklys effect still activates...konami screwed up in the rulings..

  6. honestly they need to be a little clearer in the wording on these cards imo. these equip monster cards can get pretty confusing. I dont like the fact that my aklys isnt triggered if the monster is deystroyed mean its gettin deystroyed WHILE it was equppied to a monster, but i can see why they say it doesnt i guess major nerf though. kinda makes its only usefullness summoning a high lvl dragunity fairly easy, as well as combining with legion one to get 2 cards out of the way easily. still good card, but no longer great card and in my opinion should nbot be made as a holographic.