Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starstrike Blast!

- Shooting Star Dragon

Ultra/Ultimate Rare
- Shooting Star Dragon
- Scar Red Nova Dragon
- Scrap Twin Dragon
- Karakuri Shogun Burei
- Supreme Magician Arcanite Magician

Super Rare
- Power Giant
- Power Breaker
- Karakuri Ninja Sazanku
- Vow Breaking Monk Ranshin
- Dark Emperor Dirg
- Formula Synchron
- Earth Sky Knight, Gaia Drake
- Tuning
- Dimension Grand

Normal rare
- Wightmare (ワイトメア)
- Horse bone price (馬の骨の対価)
- Vanity space (虚無空間)
- Giant trap hole (落とし大穴)

Image scans as below

Complete Translations done by DuelingDays here, enjoy!

Image scans done by Bahamut84 and translations done by DSummon

Edit: Noted some forums and blogs saying that the original scans were too small for them to see the card text on their own, so I uploaded the full size scans from my camera here, so have fun with megasize stuff~


  1. >Tuning

    luckily theres Yusei 3 DP

    once again, u guys r pretty fast.

  2. And yes,wikia used your sceenshots...again!:P