Friday, July 16, 2010

MVP card of Starstrike Blast

Well guys, I believe everyone was excited about the new pack and have been checking out the translations and pictures everywhere (We actually hit over 10k+ album views in our photobucket, lol) I believe everyone's attention has been brought to 1 new broken card, and I present to you!

Grow Up Bulb
Send the top card from your deck to grave to special smmon this card from grave to your field. Grow Up Bulb’s effect can only be used once per duel

*Yes it is a plant, so its sad to all the people who are looking at Shriek and saying that it is a machine.

Special summon a 1 star tuner from grave at no cost, and still mill 1 card to deck? Too strong! Heres just some super random ideas on how to use it

1. 1st turn cover Spy + 2nd turn summon Bulb = Trishula
2. Repeat from step 1, some level stealer action and revive Bulb = 2nd Trishula
3. Dandy + Lonefire on field = Trishula (True story, go figure out yourself)
4. Junk box for mobilephone and sp out 4 star with Bulb in grave = Goyo / Brionac + draw 1 card (Another go figure out yourself thing)
5. Mind control people Fortress / DAD + Bulb = 8 star synchro monster. Sad i know
6. Cydra + Bulb = Splendid Rose for 3300 damage. (Splendid rose price goes up??)
7. Synchro with 6 star (Jinzo for Black knight dark or Diabolic) for Black Rose that you can FINALLY use the 2nd effect of. Mind Control Goyo never felt better.

Alright these are just some of the stuff I came up with within 3 mins. Im pretty sure theres lots more ideas out there everyone can come out with, so let us know if anything cool appears~


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