Sunday, July 11, 2010

Khatib Tourney @ 10/07/10

Deck used: Infernity

Round 1: Vs Dragunity
1: Good opening hand complete with Storm and OTK
2: Also good opening hand and he almost OTK me with Levatein and Mistil equipped with a Brandistock for double attacks. I survived and OTK back.

Round 2: Vs GB
1: Opponent opened with Raiou and can't do anything interesting and after much Retiari action I can't do anything more
2: Heavy Storm and proceed to Trishula goodness
3: heavy Storm, Book on Raiou, and Trishula goodness

Round 3: Vs Light Beat
1: After a little bit of stalling, Heavy Storm to clear followed by forcing Raiou to negate my Synchro, used Gun and everything else to do your Infernity moves.
2: Two Raiou on the field is an uphill battle. Lost with the Doraemon theme playing in the background -.-
3: Another uphill battle against Consecrated Light. Managed to clear it after tuning my Snowman with Beetle into Android to destroy it. After a lonely Trishula clear board, I topped into Necromancer to win.

Round 4: Vs Cat Synchro feat. Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness
1: Delicious Infernity hand
2: Opened with Pot of Duality and get Infernity Delicious hand to OTK next turn.

Round 5: Vs BF
Did not play

Round 6: Vs Debris/Hero/Caius/QuickDraw deck
1: Delicious Infernity hand.
2: After much side deck, I drew 2 Cyber Dragon which is really shitty and my opponent drew all his side deck. I got Caius-ed twice and Creviced twice in attempt to Mirage and Necromancer effect. Nothing I could do here.
3: I started with 2 Necromancer, 2 Beetle, Book of Moon and DD Crow. One of the horrible hand in the world. He used Pot of Duality, grabbed Gorz. He summoned airman and grabbed Plasma. I summoned Beetle and tuned into Android to destroy Airman since my hand was so awesome.

On his turn, he Foolish for Dandy and summoned Level Stealer and tribute 3 of them for Plasma. I forgot that Level Stealer couldn't be tributed for Plasma, but he could've set it down to tribute for Plasma anyway so whatever. Level Stealer came back and Plasma took my Android and I was in pain. With my stupid hand, I had no choice but to summon the other beetle and attacked Plasma turning it with Book hoping nothing horrible happened. At the end phase he Call of the Haunted on the Airman which I crow. On his turn he Caius his own Call of the Haunted and attacked my Beetle..

My turn I summoned Necromancer, Set Gun and Storm, Special summoned Beetle, tribute to summon my last Beetle. Used Gun to call back Necromancer and Beetle and summoned the last Beetle with necromancer effect. Tuned 2 Necro and Beetle into Infernity Death Dragon. Beetle killed Level Stealer and Death Dragon effect destroyed Caius to Burn.

His turn he set a monster and end. I top deck Grepher and tuned it with the 2 Beetles into Stardust fearing Ryko/Snowman. It turned out to be a Magical Merchant and got him Dust Tornado. He set 2 backrow and ended.

I drew into Cyclone, activated my set Storm. Stardust attacked and Gorz appeared. Set Cyclone and Death Dragon destroyed Gorz to Burn. He is left with 750 with no hand.

He top decked into Caius, call back Level Stealer, tribute and removed Death Dragon, call back Stealer again, Token kill Stardust and pussy Caius direct attack =(

I hate this game.

Result: 2nd


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