Sunday, July 18, 2010

Formula Synchron and Shooting Star Dragon

Rulings taken from Japanese Yugioh Wiki.


- Draw effect is a trigger effect, Synchro summoning on opponent turn is a Quick effect
-Synchro Summoning during your opponent's main phase uses the Chain Block, meaning you can Book of Moon and screw everything up.
- You can also chain the effect when opponent decides to use Smashing Ground on you, even though your monster will die anyway.
- If you do Chain and use the effect to Synchro during your opponent's main phase, Synchro Monsters with optional trigger effects will miss the timing as the card at Chain 1 has not resolved.
Example: Trishula, Black Rose
- The Synchro materials are sent to the graveyard when the effect of Formula Synchron resolves


- Must have at least 5 cards in deck in order to activate the reveal effect.
- Pretty much the same as Stardust
- Can be summoned by any Synchro monsters that are tuners
- Yes you can Lightwave Tuning an Arms Aid and Phantom of Chaos copy Stardust in name reduce/increase some level somewhere, but looks even more troublesome lol


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