Friday, July 23, 2010

Exploring Karakuri!

Hi guys, did some testplay of the Karakuri archetype (Well mainly testplayed using t3chy's deck, lol) so I think some people would be interested to get a better idea of how the deck would probably work out. Here are just some feedback which you guys can consider, and an update on what I had perviously posted before the set came out here For an idea on the Karakuri's effects, you can look at Wikia's link here

Karakuri Soldier:
Killer Tomato effect is always welcome. Summoning in attack mode is not a problem since all Karakuri can turn to defense when they get attacked. As before, calling out copies of itself or Staff Officer is the best. Staff Officer especially since it still gets its effect when it appears, so when opponent has 1 last monster still able to attack, you can summon Staff Officer, and turn that to defense mode, leaving your tuner on the field for abuse later, nice stuff.

Extra Note - All Karakuri's forced turn to defense ability is cool, since you never have to worry about opponent suiciding with it to call out Rescue Cat and other imbal stuff. At the same time, that means that opponent cannot chop the Soldier and try to deal heavy damage to whatever is summoned since it will just auto defense. However, that means playing Creature Swap with it is abit pointless, since you cant earn lp, though you still gain advantage of course. Run in max of 3, its awesome!

Karakuri Merchant:
Still a good card considering its search ability. Furthermore, it searches for any Karakuri card, so searching for Residence is definelty a good move to make. In Geartown decks, search for Stormy Castle, and a pure Karakuri deck can also search for Disassembling Manual. Take note also to not anyhow summon it, since it also has the forced attacking effect so it is not a good idea to summon at random, especially when your opponent has monsters that you cant clear on the field. Considering the selections available though, Soldier is probably still better then Merchant suprisingly. Run 2~3, 3 only if it is pure Karakuri

Karakuri Staff Officer:
Pretty much still the best Karakuri monster in the series, with its ability being both offensive / defensive at the same time. As earlier mentioned, combine with Soldier and it gives you the best defense possible, while setting you up for a synchro next turn. Offensive since it helps you check on any defense mode monsters your opponent may have before you synchro out your Shogun. Run 1~3 depending on your mix of Karakuri build

Karakuri Warrior:
Least useful of the Karakuri monsters, effect wise. Its effect will only probably get off in a pure Karakuri deck, plus its effect will probably make it the first monster of choice to clear on the field. And of course, no matter how much attack it gains, its defense is still uber low, where Critter killing it is just sad. However, its attack being the highest there is makes it still a must to play, especially if you plan to bang people with Shogun. Run 2 in any deck you plan to abuse Shogun / Stormy Castle with

Karakuri Ninja:
The only foil card out of the Karakuri series, yet probably the only Karakuri monster you can do without, lol. Seldom will you see a Stardust where it becomes better then Snowman Eater, and of course its low defense means it will often doesnt survive any attack. Furthermore, its direct attack ability is probably the most "slap in the face" effect I have ever seen. If you need to direct attack even after you get rid of a monster on the field, means he had at least 2 monsters on the field. And of course if your opponent has 2 monsters on the field and you hope your Ninja's 1200 defense can somehow survive, good luck to you. Only run if you are playing pure Karakuri, and 2 at maximum.
Extra Note - HOWEVER, in a deck that does not need to gain advantage, such as Infernity, Ninja is alot stronger then Snowman Eater, killing Holy Light wise. Flip, and the Holy Light dies, without Body as a Shield to protect it with. Even if your opponent uses Book of moon on Holy Light to protect it, that is where you just take Ninja to attack the Holy Light. Really a Holy Light must die card imo.

Karakuri Shogun:
Alot stronger then I had originally thought, where it gives Karakuri an OTK option even. Summoning out Warrior gives you 4400 attack on the field and Limit Break of course makes that 8800 attack. Furthermore, its ability also lets you change monster's mode, so turning defensive stuff to attack makes it really offensive.

Stormy Karakuri Castle:
Very useful field card with great effects really, since it gives all Karakuri monsters the ability to turn your opponent's monsters mode. Change BF / Light monsters to defense to prevent Kualat / Honest, while turning token farmers' tokens to attack mode. Another both Offensive and Defensive card depending on situation. Furthermore it has a similar 2nd ability to Geartown, though not very strong at the moment since there are only 2 targets for it at the moment. Only in a pure Karakuri will you probably pull off reviving Shogun. Run 2~3 depending on Karakuri deck build
Extra Note - Its ruling is similar to Geartown where its entering grave must be the last thing to happen for its effect to go through. Furthermore, it must be face up when entering grave, so no Magical Hats abuse for it (Unless you intend to add some Peace Treaty to the action). You will probably want it face up for you to use its effect though when its on field so its not a major issue.

Karakuri Disassembling Manual:
The draw engine of Karakuri is pretty easy to pull off with Karakuri's own auto defense ability. Not only a draw engine though, it actually doubles up as practically a Swords of Revealing Light, since your opponent will not want to attack your monsters and it gains counters, giving you advantage instead. Half pointless since you can still turn those monsters mode during your turn, but you will lose your chance to attack? Not a major lost though so its fine. Abuse with Staff Officer for maximum results. Run 2 in pure Karakuri decks, 3 if you have draw power love

Karakuri Residence:
Again, a very easy to pull off card, and similarly doubles up as a Swords of Revealing light if your opponent knows you have it (Search with Merchant, take via pot, etc), at least until he longer has any important cards on the field. Again, not a useful move since you can just change the mode yourself. And again, Staff Officer uses this the best. Run the max 3 in pure Karakuri decks, its awesome~

Timed Karakuri Bomb:
My opinon has not changed, where it is still not pulled off easily, as your monsters must be in defense mode by the time they declare attack to activate this card. No, you cannot let your opponent attack you, then Karakuri's auto defense ability kick in, and you activate after that as the declare attack step is over. However, it is not THAT hard to get off either, since Staff Officer / Disassembling Manual lets you pull it off rather easily. (Disassembling Manual since as I said, your opponent will not want to attack you much when it is on field) Run 1~2 only in pure Karakuri decks, if not dont bother.

Karakuri is a pretty stable set to play, with alot of support out just on its first set alone, similar to Scrap. I guess Konami doesnt want to slowly release stuff anymore, and rather get 1 whole archetype out so its playable from the start. Karakuri is a pretty defensive beatdown archetype (Sounds conflicting, i know), since its auto defense pretty much protects your life points for very long, yet Shogun and Stormy Castle gives you alot of control over opponent's monsters. No sudden Honest / Kualat lets you gain field advantage safely. Overall a pretty interesting archetype to play so do try it out. That ends my wall of text, hope you guys enjoy it and keep dueling~


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