Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Starstrike Blast coming soon~

Well, guys, finally all the big events and stuff are all over, and here we are finding ourselves at the time where we are bored and waiting for the new set once again. Well, not Baha, hes having fun playing around with his Blazblue, while poor people who dont have money to buy it like me have to be content with just waiting for the new set.

I guess there will be the question that people will ask. If the set comes earlier, will we be doing crazy purchasing and scanning and translations again? Well, kinda depends, but at the rate things go, I believe so? If again we find out that we are one of the first few blogs to actually have access to the new cards, yeah we probably will. Meanwhile, lets just look at some of the more notable cards revealed in the spoilers so far~ See here for the full spoilers so far, credits to Shriek

Swift Attacking Scarecrow
- A card with ALMOST the exact same effect as Battle Fader. Only difference is nothing gets summoned out. However, you get to recycle its effect should you get to use Avarice to shuffle it back. Expect to see some new interest in countdown decks with this new monster here

Power Giant
- Another special monster which you can get out easily, though at the cost of 1 hand. Also to prevent MGS spamming, it is now worded as SEND instead of DISCARD. However, there are alternatives for spamming this, such as Night Assailant, etc. Merchant Pot Turbo anyone?

Create Resonator
- Looks like a card to spam into Stardust Buster mode decks if I've seen any. Though other then that cant seem to think of any good decks to spam this at the moment.

Formula Synchron + Shooting Star Dragon
- Seems like a spammable idea through the use of Kinka-byo, etc. If you've seen our youtube channel you would have noticed the mewmewmew deck that can summon both successfully. Keep a lookout for this deck to be up soon (After the new set is out, and after I convince Baha to put down Blazblue to build it for further videoing, though seems impossible at the moment)

- A god sent for Dandy Warrior decks. Expect to see this spammed in 3s once released

Black Beak
- New uber trap for BF decks to use, though probably only 1~2 copies at best. Restriction of no normal summoning / setting is tough, but with a right hand of Bora / Gale in hand, it could bring back Sirocco and let you do some massive OTKs. Possibly use it in Grave BF decks?

Power Breaker
- Strong side deck card which you can use really. It is warrior thus searchable with Reinforcement, yet 1900 attack lets you do painful attacks. Then even when it is changed to defense position, your opponent will hesitate to attack it if he has something you can destroy. Cool side deck against BF with their black whirlwind / Dragunity against Dragon Canyon.

Extra Veiler
- Most effective new side deck card against decks like Frog 1-kill, even more so then Effect Veiler maybe?

Old archetype supports

Scrap Searcher - spammable at 1/2 copies, and it really improves flow of the deck once its there. Revive to opp field using Golem for LOL situations
Scrap Twin Dragon - New boss monster which is urgently required. Played too many duels where I ran out of Scrap Dragons

Eleccricket - Once you can get 2 out, its another wall that can survive for super long. Furthermore, you cant even target them, so no Brain Control / Thunder Break etc to clear the wall. Use non targetting (Earth Smash) / AOE (Lightning Vortex) to destroy only.
Elecdragonfly - Call out Eleccricket for more wall stuff / your direct attack Elec monsters when wall is alr up, etc. Interesting note, it has similar text to Scrap Dragon, so you get its effect even if people Solemn it, not that people will, lol.

.... Keep to the old stuff, dont bother with the new imo

Ice Boundary:
Crest of the Ice Boundary: Searchers are always good, true story
Mirror of the Ice Boundary: Crap card. Why? Trishula only selects to remove on resolution, even though you have to chain the Mirror before it even selects. With that, Trishula can choose to activate to remove only from 1 of the 3 points (Hand / Field / Grave). So even if you activate Mirror, Infernity player will just laugh at you, and remove your hand. Chaining to crow etc? Crows are there to disrupt your strategy. Wasting 1 more card to remove random stuff in their grave is cute. Only thing i can think of using this is against D-Prison / Bottomless Traphole. Which in that scenario, Palace is just so much cooler. No idea why people even think its good against Trishula.

New Archetype - Kurakuri!

Karakuri Soldier - Special summoning from deck is always good. Call copies of itself / Staff Officer for best results
Karakuri Merchant - Airman is always good. Only issue is you cant just summon and end, since you HAVE to attack. However, as Karakuri's auto defense effect kicks in, low attacks are not a major issue
Karakuri Staff Officer - Best Karakuri basic imo. Tuner with nice cool effect is always good. Also only Karakuri whose summoning effect is not restricted to normal summon only.
Karakuri Ninja - Snowman Eater on drugs, true story. Yes its defense is way lower, but if anybody noticed, its effect states send, not destroy. Easy getting rid of Stardust is always welcome, plus it gives direct attack if you flip it on your own. What more can you ask for??
Karakuri Shogun - Finally, another 7 star Machine Synchro!!! With good effects and stats furthermore. Best thing is non tuner Machine limits usage to probably just me, lol!
Karakuri Disassembly Manual - Kinda like 6 Samurai United? Use in multiples with Staff Officer and Machine dup for draw engine on crack
Karakuri Residence - Nice little card to provide as a 1 for 1 destruction. Use when opponent attacks you / when you turn back to attack position for easy usage
Timed Karakuri Bomb - Mirror Force which affects even opp defense position monsters is always good, though condition is kinda restrictive.

Thoughts on newest archetype Karakuri:
Interesting concept we have here, though its auto defense effect seems unexciting when the highest defense they have is 1200. However, it looks best to spam into a Machiner deck, considering they are all machines so you can discard easily for Machiner Fortress. Rather then a full attacking Machiner deck, you can add in some Karakuri to give you a backup plan should a full on attack fail. Will probably play around with this concept after it is released.

And there you have it, another wall of text from DS here. Hope you enjoyed it, and have fun dueling guys~


  1. Regarding Mirror of ice Boundary- If they only choose to remove one, then you are safe =) and what they take out of your hand/ field/ grave, you do the same so its abit like 1-for-1.

    Then if he wanna spam 2 more Trishula, he will think again I guess. And maybe summon other synchros, but possibility it you got traps/ spells/ etc.

    And there will be a NEXT turn not auto scoop lol.

    But of course we all rather play Holy Light to be safe.

  2. Erm, actually you will still auto scoop. After you open the first Boundary, he will just stop using Trishulas and use Scrap Dragons, Infernity Death Dragons etc to clear your board.

    It will be harder for him, but yes you will prob still scoop straight away on that turn