Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updates on Duelingdays???

Hi guys, its me again! I bet alot of people are wondering what happened to our lovely Baha and why is he not posting recently. Well, contrary to what we do normally, which is explore interesting new stuff, we are actually quite busy with preparing for Worlds, lots of deck thinking, since the deadline for the deck editting will be on this Sunday 11pm for us. Then up comes the actual thing the following Sunday.

And with that, nothing interesting and new for Baha to post, so blog updates is up to me. Similarly, we have no new videos coming up anytime soon, as it is serious decks all over the place as everyone is deck testing. We will try to update everything with stuff once Worlds is over, especially the Accel Synchro deck which quite a few people seem to be interested in. I will be back to playing Scrap mainly as well, lol. (A full out Scrap deck was in top 8 in the recent HK nationals, really proving their potential there. Prices for Scrap Chimera are slowly rising as well, SGD$20+ is the recent market price apparently, lol)

I just joined another tournament yesterday in Jurong East, but nothing to mention about there. Playing a Worlds format deck, and both opponents kept top decking Cydra and fuse into Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 3 out of the 4 matches I lost is just plain sad, not that I blame anyone.

On to the topic back to the World qualifiers, those who have submitted their decklists should have received an email by now, confirming the decklist. If you havent, better send an email to them and confirm your registration. If not, you had better prepare to be on-site super early on that day, since there are only 10 slots for on-site registration. Hopefully there will be no conspiracy stuff that appears this time round, though I guess we will only find out on the day itself. At the moment, all seems peaceful.... Promise to make another post before the Worlds, so till next time!


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