Monday, June 14, 2010

Bahamut is still alive

Just lazy to update.

It's been a month since my last post.

Anyway I have been scrubbing for the recent tourneys, which kinda makes me wonder how horrible I'm gonna die in the coming Singapore Nationals -.-


Khatib Tourney @ 12/06/10

Deck Used: Frog Monarch

Round 1: Vs Clarence
1,2,3: Refer to Clarence Blog

Round 2: Vs BF
1: Easy win with LADD
2: This happens when I got no monarch and I only have frogs to block Arms Wing for many many turns
3: He see wrong LP after solemn and left himself open, I attacked with Gorz and a Monarch.

Round 3: Vs Frog Monarch OXX
1: Early lead with frog filtering and rush with monarch and LADD
2: Long game, I did not draw any monarch and there were alot of stalling. I lead with early Aoi, but my Yomi got Raiza twice argh. In the end we both had 500 LP left. I had one more Raiza and he had one more Caius left in the deck, obviously I died. orz
3: Early Raiza wins games. And I still dont draw my monarchs.

Scrubbed at top 8.


AMK Tourney @ 13/6/10

Deck Used: Hero Beat

Round 1: Vs Quickdraw Junk Destroyer
1: I was leading till he summoned Stardust and I had no answer for it. I drew Pot of Duality and revealed 2 other cards and a Prison which I took. It kept Stardust away for a little bit till he summoned Junk Destroyer and I had Starlight Road. Luckily he did not use Stardust to negate my Starlight Road lol. My Stardust ate mirror force. The same thing happened next turn and I had Raiou along with Honest.
2: Sided in Oppression and DeathCalibur knights. Easy control when you have 3 DeathCalibur, 3 Raiou and 2 Oppression.

Round 2: Vs GB
1: He opened with Eatos and something. I had 2 Smashing Ground, Dual Spark and Alius. Easy Control.
2: He opened with Double Eatos and Laquari. I Attacked with my Neos which failed horribly and Sparked away one Eatos and I ate 4300 on his turn. After much stalling, I managed to regain back control with Calibur and an open Oppression. He brain Control Calibur, I Book of Moon it and got Bribed. He summon Laquari, I bottomless and he solemned, GG.
3: Can't remember but I was in control with loads of Backrow to support mr Neos.

Round 3: BF
1: The usual imba trade of Dual Sparks give me an early lead
2: Hero Blast on Blizzard and Starlight Road on Icarus is skill. Ok maybe not lol.

Round 4: BF
1: Died early due to poor hand. He keep giving that creepy smile and I was distracted!
2: Quick win with Neos and Airman. Attacked and hit into Mirror Force which I starlight Road and everyone attacked for game.
3: Only remember the last part. I had Hero Blast, Starlight Road and Cyclone. He summoned a BF, I Hero Blast, he Icarus, I Starlight, he Oppression, I Cyclone. I Win =D

Round 5: BF
1: Super poor opening hand. I cant remember the sequence but at the end of his stunt, he made a Colossal Fighter from Vayu + Armored Wing, followed by Vayu + Armored from grave to make a Silverwind and he covered 3 backrow. I had Cydra, 2 Neos, 1 Dual Spark and something lol. I thought it's GG but I decided to go for a mind trick! I special cydra, Summoned Neos. He Icarus both and I chain Spark to his Colossal! Mind Trick worked! I thought I could turn the tables but I drew poorly =(
2: Epic fail starting hand again with 3 Dual Spark, 2 Raiou and something else that wasn't a Dual. I somehow survived this round. Few turns later .I finally drew my Neos. He Heavy Storm and I passed on the chain, he chained his own Starlight Road at which I Sparked and destroyed his Heavy Storm to prevent Stardust from appearing. Several turns later my hand was left with 2 Cydra and 2 Honest. I won from Starlight Road + Honest poke.
3: More stupid fail hands. I finally managed to regain control after my Cydra poked his gale. I was left with a choice of setting Snowman or summoning Raiou. I set snowman instead and I died from Damudo. God Damn it!

Round 6: Vs NoIdeaWhatDeck
We Shared the 3rd Prize which was a box of Yusei Duelist Pack 2. We each picked 2 Foil packs and just take half of the rest of the packs.

Result: 3rd/4th placing.

Boo boo.


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