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Tournament Report 04/06/10

Hi guys! Another tournament report from me, woot~ Actually i realised posting these tournament reports are good for me also, since it helps me recap and plan my deck better as well for the upcoming worlds. Finally got champion and won my first Trishula!! Woohoo~~~

Tournament joined: Jurong East (Thousand Taste Trading)
Deck Used: Machina Gadgets (Geartown Mixed Varient, Worlds format)
Yes, I decided to train full strength and just remove the Starlight road, roar!

Swiss round 1: Jeric (BF) OO
Match 1 - Epic move 1 of the day, lol! I started with 1 Gadget on field with covered card and ended. He Hurricane me, then Shura and Whirlwind for Kualat, hit and sp Vayu, covered Icarus and ended. On my turn i covered Wasteland Tornado and Heavy Storm. He chained Icarus away his Vayu and on my Wasteland + Heavy Storm! So Wasteland destroyed Shura, and I earn back the 1 card, lol. Following that Gearframe and Fortress with limit break 2 turns later wins the game
Match 2 - He did a first turn Armor Master in defense mode. Without much choice as well, I summoned Gearframe to lure it to attack, which he did. On my next turn, I double Geartown, then Storm away for double Dragons, then Gearframe and Double Fortress on field all takes the game

Swiss round 2: Marcus (BF) OXO
Match 1 - He has no Whirlwind while I slowly farmed the field with Gadgets and traps to clear his monsters and won
Match 2 - Got abit to anxious since he first turn Whilrwind, Bora and Breeze then Armor Master. Worried he will gain too much advantage, I sp Cydra, then Fortress to kill the Armor Master, summoned Holy Light and ended. On his turn he sp Cydra as well, hit Holy light, then Chimeratech Fortress and it was about game from there. Made mental note that Holy Light needs some supporting magic traps for it...
Match 3 - Drew Holy light, 1 gadget and lots of stuff to protect Holy Light makes it a win

Swiss round 3: Timothy (Machina Gadget) XOX
Match 1 - He kept summoning Gearframe to run over my Gadgets while I drew 0 Gearframes and had no Royal Palace / Wind magic to stop his traps which kept opening non stop. Furthermore he topped deck Cydra when he ran out of Gearframes, pro...
Match 2 - Starting hand had 3 Gadgets and 2 high levels in hand, super morale low already.... Luckily he drew a full magic trap hand with 0 monsters, so gadgets managed to slowly poke and won in a few turns
Match 3 - Drew my sided T45 which hit Gadgets, and I still had Book + Palace, yes! Sadly he Gearframe and Fortress, and I couldnt protect T45... So I booked Fortress. Next I synchro away the token for Scrap Dragon, destroy the face down Fortress and hit over Geaerframe! He Earth smash, and Gearframe and Fortress appears again... I used System Down on him, but drew 0 monsters after that. Royal Palace did crap as he suddenly had 0 magic traps for this last round where I finally had Palace. Zzzz... Died to Gadget rush when I drew 0 monsters after that....

Phew, still managed to get into top 16 with 2 wins and 6 points~~~ Onwards!!!

Top 16: Cassandra (BF) XOO
Match 1 - Hurricane on her, then Gearframe + Double Fortress hits for massive damage. Then I covered Palace, thinking I was safe from here since she had a very heavy trap build. Sadly she summoned Dark Arm and cleaered my board... On my turn I Earth Smash on Dark Arm and she God D it. Struggled for 2 turns and died....
Match 2 - Holy Light + Gadgets lock down ftw~
Match 3 - Used Holy Light + 1 Red Gadget to lock, as I had to sacrifice my Yellow to summon Fortress to kill Shura, while I Bottomless on Bora and still had Palace. With no choice, she Heavy Storm and my Dragon appeared from Geartown, while I chained my covered Limit Break which I had in case she summoned Cydra. She covered 1 trap and ended. On my turn Dragon hit and I ended. On her turn, she Evacuation on my Holy Light, Dark Arm appears again and chops my Dragon and she ends. Thankfully I still had my Brain Control in hand and she had 2400 life left. Card that wins games is strong! Morale of story: Keep Limit Break in hand... I would have won without danger of Dark Arm if I had...

Top 8: Yong Siang - Smaller kid version (BF) OO
Match 1: Sirocco hits my Gadget. I Hurricane, Gearframe and double Fortress again, where 1 dies to Kualat, while i equipped Gearframe to remaining Fortress. Then I covered Palace and ended. He summons AOJ with Blizzard, but had no way to chop through, so he Book of Moon on the Fortress and hits. Fortress effect destroys AOJ, he covers 2 traps and I end phase Palace. On my turn, Gearframe and Fortress again wins
Match 2: He couldnt clear my Gearframe as he had no big monsters so he no choice but to evacuation device it away letting me earn potentially 2 cards. On my turn Gearframe hits his summoned Kualat. On his turn, he Blizzrds, but ends without synchro or destroying Gearframe but with traps so I expected Icarus. Gearframe attacked, but ate Mirror Force instead and I ended. On his turn, he sp Gale, synchro for Goyo, then normal another Blizzard and synchro AOJ and rush. I booked AOJ, then remaining Blizzard and Goyo syncs for Stardust and he ends. I triple Geartown to summon 2 Gadjiltron Dragon to rush over his monsters but he Tidal waves everything away, so I safely summoned Holy Light. With no more removal left, Holy Light + Gadgets, and a Fortress 2 turns later wins the game

Top 4: Caleb (BF) OO - Revenge for last week's defeat! Roar~~~~
Match 1: Gearframe + Fortress + Gadget hits for damage. On his turn, he summons Brionac, Dark Arm, and Bora to try and OTK for rush. However, he had to Dark Arm away the Fortress, which discarded Kualat in his hand and I survived with 1200 left. On my turn, Gearframe + Fortress + Earth Smash cleared his field. I covered Palace with Geartown and ended. On his turn, he covers a trap, where I end phase Palace and he scoops. Yes lah, 1 more round to go~~~
Match 2: Knowing I mained Palace now, he used D-Prison on my Gadget to prevent it wasted. I had Geartown and Palace again so I set both and ended. On his turn, he summons Gale and attacks. When I had no response, he guessed Palace so he Stormed, and Dragon appeared. He covers 2 traps and ends, forgetting to half the Dragon. On my turn, Dragon hits Gale, then I summoned Holy Light, covered Body as a Shield and ended. He drew, covered monster and ended. On my turn I drew Gadget, summoned, and before attacking he tried to Icarus Dragon and Holy Light. Body as shield counters that, and all monsters rush win in the next turn. Woot~~~~

Top 2: Richard (Inferni Trishula) XOO
Match 1: Triple Trishula by his 2nd turn is so strong....
Match 2: Major side decking on both sides. Holy Light comes out early for me, and with no cards to destroy it, Holy Light + Gadget lock again ftw
Match 3: Epic move of the day 2, lol! I summoned Gadget and attacked his facedown, which turned out to be Snowman Eater! It killed the Gadget, I covered God D and Wasteland Tornado and ended. He end phase Thunderbreak, destroyed the Wasteland Tornado! That kills Snowman Eater, and I max profit with 1 for 3 cards. Next turn he Hurricanes, and tries to Mirage for Beetle and Demon which I do double Crow on both. I begin Gadget farm, and summon Holy Light on the next turn with God D. However, I had a 2nd Holy Light in my hand by now so I let it through. On my turn, summoned Holy Light again and slowly hit. He draws Necromancer which lets him stall for awhile, but a Fortress summon 2 turns later kills it, and Gadget rush for the win!!! Woot! (Epic starting hand was just so much love. 2 DD Crow + Holy Light + Gadget + God D + Wasteland Tornado)

And finally I got my Trishula, woot~~~ MVP card of the day is seriously Wasteland Tornado. Even though I drew it only twice, both times let it turn out to let me earn card advantage. Quite happy with my deck since I managed to get quite high placings in tournaments for 2 weeks in a row. Guess its time to do final tweaking and submit decklist.
To myself: Please Jiayou! Even if Xiao Mei dont support you cause you never get 2nd to sell her the Holo Stardust but still Jiayou!!!


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