Monday, June 21, 2010

Singapore Nationals @ 20/06/10

Deck used: Infernity

Elimination Round: Vs GB
1: Delicious Hand and swarmed the board.
2: Kycoo wiped my grave.
3: Final moments was having Mirage, Gun, Beetle, 141 and Demon in hand.

Swiss Round 1: Vs Clarence (BF)
1: All his set cards stopped my attempt to synchro summon. By the time I cleared the board, I had no more Mirage or Gun lol.
2: Quick beetle beat.
3: Start with a set DD Warrior lady, and his BF attacked it and removed. I Summoned another Lady and it went into bottomless. Next turn I Grepher to drop my Infernity stuff and used Gun, he Crevice my Necromancer and Demon. I activate Return from DD to bring back 2 Ladies, Necromancer and Demon and tried to clear the board with it lol. Searched Gun and it was my lead afterwards.

Swiss Round 2: Vs Vishal (BF)
1: Damudo plus Gun
2: I was already leading after having Scrap Dragon, Death Dragon and Demon on the field and I couldn't kill due to threatening roar. I had 1600 left and he was left with 1 hand. He top decked Sirocco and attacked my Demon boosted with Kalut which was his last hand card. orz
3: Destroy the worldddddddddddddd

Swiss Round 3: Vs Jeremy (Machina gadget and Champ for the day)
1: He start with Green Gadget. I used Pot of Duality and picked Bottomless. I set Necromancer and 2 Bottomless which was destroyed by Cyclone in the end phase. He summoned Gearframe followed by Fortress, I bottomless and he used Body as a Shield. He summoned another Fortress, activate Solidarity and GG!
2: I set Lady and Prison. He summoned Cydra and attacked and I prison. My guess was right and he summoned Conscrated Light. I flipped Lady and destroyed it. Summoned Grepher and Start filling the grave. He Vortex and Summoned another Light. All I drew afterwards was Mirage which can't do shit.

Swiss Round 4: Vs Perfect Declarer
How in the world am I supposed to fight with this as Infernity LOL. Honestly I wasn't prepared for this match up and my hand wasn't awesome. Both games he started with Declarer on the 2nd turn, and all I had was Necromancer. Necromancer got destroyed by Brionac btw, Orange + Manju. Facepalm.

Swiss Round 5: Vs Lightlord
1: No mood to play anyhow play and just ram, and he dropped Battle Fader! I didn't expect him to main it lol.
2: Kycoo destroys grave, I Return from DD and they all ate bottomless ahaha. But anyway I was leading in the end and He drew Damudo and raped board.
3: A little like round 1.

End result: Scrubbeddddddddd

End story is, I did not lose too badly except that Round 3 where there was nothing I could do. The same can be said when I am facing Perfect Declarer.

Side Story for entertainment: I was paired with Jeremy for Round 3. At Round 4 I was supposed to be paired with Jeremy but I told the judges about it and I met Declarer instead blah. At Round 5, Pairing were up, and I got Paired with Jeremy again lol. Which of course got changed afterwards.


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