Friday, June 18, 2010

Jurong Tournament @ 18/6/10

Wait what, Bahamut at Jurong? Unpossible!

I was dragged down by Clover and gang.

As it was nearing the worlds, I didn't wanna jinx my deck so I borrowed someone else's deck.

And I had to write this report because DS and I agreed that the winner of our match will have to write it. (I swear it was the loser who had to write it!)


Deck used: Machina Gadget (Yes I change deck every week lol)

Round 1: Vs DandyWarrior
1: The only non monster I drew was Oppression and Fissure, everything else is gadget and machina which was useless against Tytanial with Dandy token. -.-
2: Hatred side deck wins games
3: Opened with Crossout on Ryko and proceed to lead and beat.

Round 2: Vs Synchro Cat
1: Normal Gadget beat
2: More Brown hand which is destroyed by Arcanite and Airbelum and everything else.
3: After much hatred declaration against the gadgets in my deck, I drew none of them.

Round 3: Vs Machina Gadget
1: Early lead with Solidarity and Machina Fortress
2: Royal Decree owned me when I had trap hand lol
3: About the same as duel 1 except this time I had Limiter for the finish =D

Top 8

Round 4: Vs BF
1: I had a decent hand and I wanted to keep my Storm for later turns. Turn out I got hit by Dust Tornado and a Heavy Storm the following turn lol. Got raped by Goyo and Shura
2: Normal gadget beat and stopped Damudo from destroying the world.
3: Early game was nothing special. Mid game I summoned Consecrated Light which he solemned. He had 2 Whirlwind and a face up Oppression. I Got hit by System down twice somemore. It was depressing. After much God Bird I summoned my second Light safely which stalled till I got my Gadgets and beat back. Nice game =)

Round 5: Vs Lightlords
1: Judgement Dragon wins games. Actually I got beaten by Goyo.
2: Early lead with gadget pokes which soon changed after I attacked into a face down Magnetic Mosquito and wiped 4 cards. But still won since I still have more Gadgets.
3: Nobleman followed by Gadget and Fortress Beat ftw.

Round 6: Vs Frog Monarch
Shared with Clover.

Result: Trishula and Holo Dragoequites shared.


Shit, I used my luck.

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