Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Singapore Nationals @ 20/06/10 (DS Edition)

Hi guys, finally time for me to post up my tournament report for the Singapore Nationals last week! Will leave comments later so here we go!

Elimination round: Banana (Infernity) OXO - Why my luck so awesome pick banana....
Match 1 - I started with 1 gadget, and he take 1 demon to chop me + 1 cover card and ended. On my turn i summoned Cydra, and summoned Deepsea Diva, with another 1 from deck. I then brain controlled his Demon to sync for Brionac, which he bottomless. Cydra and 2nd Diva became Ancient Fairy, I had 2 Geartown in hand, so all mass spam for 8100 damage
Match 2 - Managed to stop his flood with a 1st hand Crow and was leading as he only had 2 beetles left on field while I had a Gearframe. Sadly top deck Demon wins all...
Match 3 - Again a 1st hand Crow stops flood. Then then Goyo took my Gearframe, sync Goyo away for Stardust and ended with another Necromancer on field. Another Gearframe + Fortress clear field by suiciding into Stardust. He topped Necro and tried AOJ but I booked that. My turn, finally got Gadget, and with Fortress spam field. On his turn he draws his top deck, and concedes

Swiss Round 1: Joseph (Dandywarrior) XOO
Match 1 - Forgot about his Guardna and rushed too much. Then made mistake when he had Scrap Dragon and I had 2 Fortress where he destroyed 1, I saw his hand with Gaius and Sorcerer. Checked grave which had no dark, then discarded Gaius (LOL). He then removed Gaius for the dark monster and summoned Sorcerer. I still remember I was blur as to how he had dark monster inside for quite awhile. Too stressed i guess
Match 2 - Slowly poked through his 3 Battle Faders (Yes I saw all 3....) and had a Crow to stop his Debris from clearing board and won
Match 3 - He had bad hand I believe, since I saw all 3 Debris Dragons but all in defense mode just for blocking. He topped a Lyla but I bottomless that. Summoned my Fortress but that got bottomless too, so I sacrificed a Gadget for Cydra to poke through the Debris. Could have won earlier with limit break rush, but kept worrying about Fader, which apparently he didnt draw too so won.

Swiss Round 2: Unknown (LL) XX
Match 1 - Beginning to think small kids with LL have all the luck. Too many scenes of my monster 1 smack Ryko which destroys my trap, then when my monster 2 which is Gadget tries to direct then Wulf will jump out from Ryko. Saw all 3 Wulfs and died
Match 3 - Seriously too awesome luck for small kids. He got 4 LL types in grave just nice by his 3rd turn, even though all he had was 1 LL monsters on field milling during first 2 turns end phase. He summoned JD 1 which I activated God D. He then summoned JD 2, cleared my board, and Reincarnation for JD 1 again as last 2 cards in hand. Too much small kid luck.... Everyone at the side was like "His hand is just too beautiful already DS, how you play also wont win this round"

Swiss Round 3: Yong Siang *smaller version* (BF) OO
Match 1 - Finally my 1 and only BF matchup for the day! Super happy, lol. Gadget rush + some Bottomless and Books with a Fortress makes quick win
Match 2 - Full monster hand with Gearframes maxed out is even more deliciously quick win. 1st person to stand up after the rounds in about 5 mins.

Swiss Round 4: Colin (Dandywarrior) OO
Match 1 - He had only 1 trap so I summoned Fortress to lure it out which was Thunder Break. Then spammed my 3 Geartowns in hand and spammed his field. Next turn he had no answer for my double AGGD and conceded
Match 2 - My starting hand: Yellow Gadget, Pulling the Rug, Bottomless, 2 DD Crow and Earth Smash. Uber control win this round

Swiss Round 5: Winson (Frog Monarch) XOO
Match 1 - Tried to take advantage of Frog Monarch's usual slow start and rushed but he mained Faders and actually drew 2 of them in his starting hand. Then I had Gearframe with Fortress but didnt equip, he sacrificed for Dark Dust Spirit, and I had no resources left and lost...
Match 2 - His Froggy wall locks me down very long till I had 5 cards left in deck, waiting for my Smash and Books to clear the Wall. In the end 1 Earth Smash and 2 Books lets my monsters clear through his wall and I rushed him through just as time is called.
Match 3 - First hand Dust Shoot clears his only emperor while he uses Fader to slow me down (His other hand were 1 Yomi, 1 Enemy Controller and 2 Cross Souls). When he tried to Enemy Controller over my Fortress to poke I Book of moon it. With no more resources left for him, I finally drew my first Gadget which let me clear his frogs and won by first damage done.

And thats the end of it! Because they looked at Scoring instead of Wins, (And as usual my tie breaker always sucks), I got 12th place, with a bunch of 3 wins ahead of me. Sour grapes or not, I think I would have made top 8 if we were using the Mantis system, but oh well... Seriously think this system is flawed, as it encourages people to bribe their opponents to give them 2-0 for a higher scoring.

Conclusion? Quite happy with my performance, won 5 out of 6 rounds (With my only lost to lucksack lord...) and wins over other deck types as well and not only my favourite matchup BF, lol. Event was quite well organized this time round thanks to the HK Konami people who came, and I had no major complaints other then the flawed scoring system. With no further adu, heres the decklist as requested!

Deck used: Machina Gadgets (DS Edition)

Monster [19]
[3] Machiner Fortress
[3] Machiner Gearframe
[2] Antique Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
[1] Machiner Force
[2] Cyber Dragon
[2] Yellow Gadget
[2] Green Gadget
[2] Red Gadget
[2] Deepsea Diva

Magic [17]
[3] Earth Smash
[2] Terraforming
[3] Gear Town
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Hurricane
[1] Cyclone
[1] Brain Control
[3] Book of Moon
[1] Enemy Controller
[1] Limit Break

Trap [4]
[2] Royal Palace
[2] Bottomless Traphole

Deck thoughts on certain choices:
- Royal palace is a very good choice as it is built against BF specially, which will have too many traps. Furthermore, mine is a heavy artillery build with AGGDs so stopping Bottomless and Icarus is good. Hence the mained 3 Books as my "traps"
- Deepsea Diva provides synchro support, and lets me play Brain Control without worrying. Didnt like Solidarity build as too easy for opp to do 1 Heavy Storm and take over the board suddenly, plus seriously my monsters are big enough? LOL
- Enemy Controller is nice tech mainly because of the Divas which give you a +1. Of course sacrificing Gadgets is good also since they are auto +1. Desperation = defensive maneuveurs
- Geartown + AGGD, awesome stuff due to all the D-prison and Mirror Force that everyone mained on that day. AGGD gained me alot of extra 3k damage which Mirror Force would have stopped.

Hope you guys enjoy my looking back (wall of text), have fun and keep dueling~


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