Monday, June 28, 2010

Duelingdays to Malaysia???

Hi guys, just gonna update the blog abit, and try and edit the videos for updating too within next 2 days. What have we been busy with? We just made a day trip over to Malaysia to see their nationals that were held last Sunday on 27th June.

Tournament results were as follows:
1st: Frog Monarch
2nd: Plant deck (Supervis and Gigaplant, the works)
3rd: BF
4th: Machina Gadgets

Basically we took 1 of those midnight buses into Malaysia, and arrived there at about 5+ am, where we kinda relaxed until the tournament started. Therefter it gets abit interesting where we watch people play deck, trade stuff, etc, which is good since normally all we do during our own tournament is play deck ourself. The event ended about 8+ pm, where we had dinner, then took the bus back to arrive in Singapore about 4+ am.

With all the events over, I expect the YGO community in Singapore to be quiet for awhile until the next set comes in another 2~3 weeks, so keep a look out for that, and have fun guys!

*The prizes for the tournament, which are like 10 times better then ours? LOL


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