Monday, May 3, 2010

Khatib Tourney @ 02/05/10

Deck Used: Trishula Dandywarrior (I prefer to call it "Farming Your way to Godlike" deck)
Participants: 28

Game 1: Vs Hero Beat
1: Standard farming with Drill and Dandy till I get to Caius and Debris for Trishula
2: Didn't expect Skill Drain and Oppression as side deck, so I just died.
3: Sided in Wasteland Tornado and stuff. Had a starting hand of 3 Debris. Very much stalling later due to Skill Drain, did Junk Destroyer and Black Rose which got pwned, and it finally went through on the third time when I Book of Moon my own Black Rose to clear the field, from there it was more farming.

Game 2: Vs Quickdraw Dandywarrior mirror
1: When you start with Tytanial and nothing else interesting, you die. And I got poked by Drill Warrior to death.
2: Pretty much the same story but towards the end we both ran out of resources and I managed to farm back with Drill Warrior and many many Trishulas later I won. Trishula ftw
3: I Start with a set Dandy and Dustshoot and revealed Mirror Force, Transmigration, Gorz and Prison. Did a Lonefire to Tytanial and attacked excpecting a Mirror Force. On the next turn I did a Caius on his newly set which was Mirror Force and attacked with both for the win since Tytanial can negate his Dimension Prison.

Game 3: Vs Skilldrain Machines
1: Won first game quite luckily since I drew my Dust Tornado early and start spamming Trishula
2: I forgot wat happened lol.
3: Lucky for me he Cyclone my set Wasteland Tornado instead of my Dimension Prison and destroyed Catastor to keep my Debris alive. I had Debris, Dandy and 2 more tokens for some Trishula love.

Game 4: Vs Fusion Hero (omg its Rauzes!)
1: No special move really, it was very much back and forth and his Zero keep clearing my field. Luckily for me, Drill Warrior farming technique kept me alive.
2: Pretty much the same.

Game 5: Vs BF
1: I think it was a bad hand from his side and it was a very straight forward win with no special stunts lol. The usual Caius and stuff.
2: I set wasteland tornado on the first turn which he cyclone and I destroyed his whirlwind. I Summon Cydra and attack his Shura and used book of moon on it. Set more Ryko (or was it snowman) and things just got better from there.

Game 6: Vs Hero beat
1: Very much lead with all the set Snowman and random Card Gunner and it was quite a smooth win.
2: I set Dandy which got removed with Crossout. Followed by several turns later, I Lonefire for another Dandy which got removed by Chaos Sorc. What a sad life. I managed to stall and poke till he had 500 left. But in the end, I was stuck because I set a Wasteland Tornado and couldn't call back my Yomi Frog to Tribute summon my top draw of Caius (my other hand was Tytanial T.T)
3: Another quite smooth win with an early lead, and luckily I drew all my Tornado to destroy oppression and the right time. Thank god he didn't get his Dimension Fissure coz I had no more "wind" cards. Won from Drill Warrior direct attack every turn, I was really afraid of Honest lol.

Result: Win and got Holo Stardust.


Today I also realised my deck building pattern. It will only be decks that:
1) can summon Trishula Efficiently (Infernity, MGS, Dandywarrior)
2) contains Airman (All the random Hero Beats and whatever.

Very soon, I might just combine them together!


Deck list for the Day

Monster [19]

[1] Tytanial
[3] Caius
[2] Quick Synchron
[2] Lonefire Blossom
[2] Debris Dragon
[2] Dandylion
[2] Snowman Eater
[2] Lightlord Hunter Ryko
[1] Sangan
[1] Card Trooper
[1] Yomi frog

Magic [12]

[3] Pot of Avarice
[2] Pot of Greederosity
[2] Book of Moon
[1] Heavy Storm
[1] Cyclone
[1] Brain Control
[1] Reinforcement of Light
[1] Foolish Burial

Trap [9]

[1] Mirror Force
[1] Torrential Tribute
[1] Call of the Haunted
[1] Trap Dustshoot
[2] Dimension Prison
[2] Bottomless Traphole
[1] Dust Tornado

Pot of Greederosity was added to make sure I have a good starting hand which can be discarded later on for drill warrior loops if not needed. Snowman Eater is used to replace Hamster since OCG doesnt have it, and I have Gungnir in my extra deck since it can be summoned with Debris + Snowman.

The rest is pretty much normal, and instead of bothering to find my chain dragon and junk archer, I had 3 Trishula in my Extra deck lol. =D


  1. decklist pl0x

  2. Ho ho!

    Even the OCG is fond of Quickdraw Dandy. =)

    Perhaps a match against Infernities?