Saturday, April 17, 2010

DuelingDays DREV Draft Tournament! (DDD Tournament)

Hi guys! For those of you who have been visiting the spamboard, you will know that we held a small Duelist Revolution booster draft tournament yesterday night in AMK mac. (For those of you who have not, we welcome you to join us! We will be there mostly during office hours from Mondays to Fridays, 0900 ~ 1800 hours GMT+8)

This was the format used during the tournament!

Amount of packs used: 6
Methods for choosing: Open 2 packs each time, take 1, then pass left & right
(Since Japanese packs have 5 cards and we had 10 pax, you will not get back your own pack. 10 players is also because 60 packs just nice makes 2 boxes)
Format method: 3 round swiss then top 4 elimination
Gameplay: Exact same as normal. 8k LP and best 2 out of 3 rounds
Deck: Minimum 20 cards. Side deck, extra deck up to you (You only have 30 cards anyway) Note that in draft, you are allowed more then 3 copies of the same card.

First we have the results!
1st - DSummon (Got strong advice from draft king Darius, lol)
2nd - T3chy
3rd - Meowth
4th - XMWX
5th - Sam
6th - Bahamut84
7th - Ball-Snow
8th - Ivan
9th - Jacky
10th - Lifegtnomeaning

Strongest card for draft = Amazoness Queen!
Reasons: If you look through the entire list of the 80 cards, once it has been successfully summoned out, there are extremely few methods to kill it. Furthermore, even though there isnt any monster with high defense, there are quite a few, cannot die by battle once per turn things, so its easy to summon out. Once I got it out, it never left the field. (Advice for this card taken from Darius + Foil card = max of 2 copies in the 2 boxes)

2nd Strongest card for draft = Scrap Dragon!
Reasons: Even though 8 star worth sounds hard in a draft, its actually very easy. Best way is to have both Scrap Golem and Scrap Goblin in first hand, and you will get to summon it out for sure. Alternate is just have a draft deck with big level 4 monsters, then have 1 delta fly in the deck. There are too many tuners in this set anyway.(I had many methods to summon it, but sadly didnt get it so no dice)

3rd Strongest card for draft = Divine Warning!
Reasons: Use as bottomless traphole for the draft. Protected my monsters from T3chy's Scrap dragon and I advance summoned Amazoness Queen next turn, lol.

Obviously the above choices are besides from the usual 1800 basics and stuff which you will need as well. Drafting occasionally is fun, since you dont get that for OCG YGO, so if you manage to find some friends who are game, go for it! Have fun guys~

PS: For those drafting OCG, prep 1/2 copies of the translation for people to use during card selection and gameplay. You will need it...


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