Thursday, April 15, 2010

DSummon's look on Duelist Revolution cards!

Hi guys, by now everyone should know that the new pack is out here in Sunny Singapore, and me and Baha have gotten our hands on some. Scans are on the post below this. Quite funny this time round, since we were the 1st to put up info with scans and stuff, the blog hit counter has been over the roof, while sites we usually link to now linked to us instead. (E.g. Shriek, wiki is using our scans on their cardlist, lol) Anyway, my translation on card effects are below, but done very quickly, so please be more forgiving about any errors yah? LOL. Anyway, heres a quick outlook at some of the more notable cards!
PS: For stuff which I got from my set, do visit the DuelingDays youtube channel here!

*For convenience of readers, i will use the cardnames taken from wikia and link to them, so that you wont get confused by the different names which i have on my translation. Note though, i noticed even wikia had a few errors in translations, lol

Effect Veiler- The card everyone has been raving about, though imo it is mainly good if you intend to heavily side against Infernities/Frog/Random FTK deck. Sadly it doesnt work on the 3 card God Bird of Doom FTK, so moving on

Damage Eater/AD Changer
- The next series of grave effect cards. Both are not very splashable imo since you dont take effect damage very often, and the AD Changer is only usable during your own turn.

Vanity Giant Monkey
- Pretty good since i expect to see some beast related decks (E.g. X-saber) turning up soon, and its level change ability is optional, so even as it is, 5 star tuner is cool stuff

Differnt Dimension Unicorn Knight
- Lots of cool stuff to be done. Just think having both zombie carrier and necro guardna in grave, or birdman in hand with victory hedgehog in grave. Expect some stuff from Baha with Trishula love stuff soon

Trident Warrior
- Cute combos to be done imo, though its a pretty 1 trick card. Sp summon out Airbellum / Banisher for some hand destruction, or Deformer Scopon in atk/def mode depending on which effect you want (Makes quick 8 star synchro, not bad?) just for ideas off hand. Im sure theres more ideas you guys can come up with
*Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with me having 3 copies up for sale

- Good dragon for Cyber Darks, with its 1500 attack, and its ability lets you choose which level you want to synchro for. Good stuff imo

Phantom Horned Beast Phypnocorn
- Not bad card to summon and chop all the Bottomless, since it is only 1400 attack. However if opp chains skill drain / oppression / whatever that can just turn face up = fail...

Naturia Bamboochute
- Stopping m/t both at the same time is good! However 2k attack and restricted to Naturia usage? Hmmm, maybe this will promote some Natural decks

- Use with MGS decks for quick Unicor?

Thunder Unicorn
- The only one of the "corn" series which seems good, though Beast tuner restricts is generally to X-saber / synchro cat decks

Scrap Dragon
- The only level 8 that is non dark / any restrictions on summoning out so far, that allows you to destroy card on opp field. A must in any deck that cant play Dark End / Infernity Death Dragon imo

Double Cyclone
- Combine with Geartown/Big Tornado of the Wastelands/Fake Coffin to give it Icarus attack status. Expect deck with this in it coming from me soon.
*Very hard to get even though it is just a common. I only got 1 from an entire box!

Scrap Squall / Scrap Polish
- Instant magic status makes them strong stuff. Just think when you normal summon and hit by bottomless = Scrap Squall for profit. Then battle phase you got 3 scrap monsters attacking just use first to hit the time, then Scrap Polish for damage step imbal-ness

Amazoness Village
- Gives Recruiter ability to all theme cards, just like Machiner Frontline? Stronger since it is field and thus searchable, but weaker because of the look at level, rather then attack bit, but still good

Unicorn Beacon
- Lots of guys says to abuse with BF apparently, since it allows Bird-Beast, especially since it can call back the all strong Sirocco. I say I expect to see people test it for 2 weeks and it gets thrown aside after that

Sage's Chalice
- Seems to have potential, though returning to the monster bit seems crappy. Use with Cyber Vary for best results!

Pot of Greederosity
- One of the most talked about cards in this set! Lets you pick a card out of the top 3 seems not bad at first, but not very good imo. Rai-ou stops it, and the no sp summon bit is bad in this meta, since all the game breaking / life saving cards are all Sp summon related. Think Judgement / DAD, etc. Of course it may be not bad if you play control based which do not sp summon, such as Gadget decks and so on, but then again those decks dont really have anything in the deck which wins games, so not useful there as well imo.
*Sincere opinion? Not a bad card, but not as strong as the rave on it

Phantom Beast Horn
- Quite 1 of the strongest Beast support cards to ever be released imo. Of course there have been similar cards released, but being a trap means you can earn that first card draw most of the time

Paradox Fusion
- Of all the sacrifice boss monster cards ever released, this is probably the strongest 1 ever. Abuse with Absolute Zero for absolute advantage

Divine Warning
- "Pay 2k for something my oppression can do? Sucks!" Not true though. Counter trap status means it takes out Gorz, Trago, Shura, recruiters and of course you can use this while still playing a deck that lets you sp summon yourself. Possible GB spam usage?

Magnificient Dignity
- Free divine wrath! Use against any GB (Except Gyazarus obviously), as well as Shura, Gorz, Trago, recruiters due to counter trap status. Stronger then Divine warning imo. GB have something new to watch out for.

And there you have it, my two bits (Looking at length of posts, more like two thousand bits) on the latest pack and the cards to look out for. Hope you have fun with the new pack guys!


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