Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dueling Days Duelist Revolution spoilers fresh from the oven

Putting scans up, feel free to steal.

Edit: Noob translation by DSummon done! At least for the cards which we have, so its not all the cards... Click here!
Newly uploaded with all cards in!
*Original file taken from shriek then further editted

Rarity list
Ultra/Ultimate Rare
- Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites
- Voltech Bicorn
- Scrap Dragon
- Lightning Tricorn
- Elechimaera

Super Rare
- Effect Veiler
- Scrap Chimaera
- Ultimate Psykicker
- Thunder Unicorn
- Trident Warrior
- Naturia Bambooshoot
- Pot of Greed and Modesty (JP062)
- Aura of Dignity (JP079)
- Amazon Queen

Normal Rare
- Final Psycho Ogre (JP037)
- Equipment of Disaster (JP059)
- Summon's Curse (JP061)
- Light of Destruction (JP080)

Changes in set:
- The booster box art is in ultimate rare form (meaning it looks like an ultimate rare card, touch it and you can feel the difference)
- The frame of the card of the ultimate rare card is also now ultimate rare-ish (refer to the Dragoequites scan below)
- Box containing the effect text is now lighter, and the text are smaller.


Scans below.

Please pardon the low resolution, office scanner is not as awesome as I thought.

I only scanned those that are not found in Shriek's spoiler list.

Please let me know if you need any scan of missing cards (hopefully not a foil card because that is all I have from one box lol)

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