Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Starlight Road randomness.

I was looking through random rulings posted in the yugioh wiki and I found this interesting ruling.

If you negate an effect with “Starlight Road” but cannot destroy the card, you cannot Special Summon “Stardust Dragon.

It is probably not a big deal but it can lead to interesting plays.

Player A Heavy Storm
Player B Starlight Road
Player A Double Cyclone and destroy your Heavy Storm and another card of player B

Result: You end up with a 2 for 2 trade (your Double Cyclone and Storm vs opponent's Starlight Road and another card) instead of epic fail move of losing one card and giving your opponent a free stardust. This will only work with Double Cyclone though, since using a regular Mystical Space Typhoon on your own Heavy Storm will not look as awesome.

Get your Double Cyclone soon!
Please note, that the destruction of your own card is not a cost. Wiki english translation can be misleading.

Other random moves which I am not sure is legal or not:
Player A Judgment Dragon effect
Player B Starlight Road
Player A Evacuation Device and retry Judgment again lol.

Please note that Starlight Road will still resolve and negate your card, these techniques are just trying to avoid random Stardust from appearing.


Other Starlight Road reminder.

If you Chain “Starlight Road” to “Heavy Storm” while you control 2 or more Spell or Trap Cards and Special Summon “Stardust Dragon” you cannot activate “Torrential Tribute” afterwards. Even though the effect of “Heavy Storm” is negated, the activation was not, so the card will still resolve without effect and you will miss the timing to activate “Torrential Tribute.”

Because people are still attempting to Bottomless my Starlight Stardust for some reason.

When multiple monsters Summoned simultaneously and "Bottomless Trap Hole" is activated, if two or more of those monsters have 1500+ ATK, then "Bottomless Trap Hole" would destroy two or more monsters on the field, so "Starlight Road" may be Chained. However, if only one of those monsters has 1500+ ATK, then "Bottomless Trap Hole" would only destroy one monster, so "Starlight Road" cannot be activated.

Yes you can use your Starlight Road to Protect mr Airbelum + Elephant coming from Rescue Cat sama.

"Starlight Road" is not treated as a "Lightsworn" card.

I lol'd...

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  1. I just checked actually and the awesome JD play against road is legal to play.